Black Music Month: Music Videos That Influenced Fashion

Black Music Month: Music Videos That Influenced Fashion

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 28, 2012

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Michael Jackson’s red leather jacket was just as memorable as his signature sparkling glove. He debuted this bold look in his 1982 video for Beat It and rocked another knock-out style later that year in Thriller. The trend spread like wildfire, with Jackson stans and everyone in their very own red leather jacket with zippers galore.

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Salt-n-Peppa’s 1987 hit Push It, pushed it’s way onto Billboard charts and of course into fashion quickly. The trio’s asymmetrical hair cuts, bamboo earrings, leather bomber jackets, spandex and red leather boots created a funky movement for ladies fashion.

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Once the rap trio Run-DMC gave their stamp of approval on the sportswear brand Adidas with their 1986 hit track “My Adidas,” fans flocked to get their goods. The group’s ode to classic track suits and shell top sneakers made them unofficial brand ambassadors. And no outfit was complete without a fresh pair of Cazal sunglasses — this full look personified the ’80s hip-hop era.

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In 1989 when Janet Jackson released Rhythm Nation one would have never guessed she would be starting a new fashion regime. The pop singer’s military-inspired ensemble, complete with badges of honor and a metal-plated baseball cap, recruited stylish ladies and gents alike.

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Before Doc Martens were hot, MJB was stomping in the alley ways of Brooklyn in a pair with her baseball cap and jersey for the 1992 video Real Love. We admired that the R&B singer still showed her tough side while singing this love ballad, and we definitely copied her style.

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The head boppin’ hit “Aint 2 Proud 2 Beg” was a wild one, but even wilder were their outfits in the video. Neon brights, “hats to the back,” suspenders, baggy pants, and over-sized tees with saying’s like “Unbutton Your Fly,” was everywhere in 1992.

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Whether the two kid rappers were rocking their looks criss-crossed or backwards they were setting trends and making you “Jump” in 1992. From the popular Cross Colours line to matching denim sets these kids had enough swagger to make everyone follow.

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Who knew rap artists could still be cool in shiny suits? Stylist June Ambrose did in 1997 when she outfitted “Puff Daddy” and MA$E in red, yellow, and blue shimmering numbers for the Mo Money Mo Problems video. Hip-hop fashion was officially taken to new heights.

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The ab-baring, baggy jean wearing songstress juxtaposed sexy with “borrowed from the boyfriend” style from her earlier days of Hot Like Fire to later tracks Are You That Somebody. No matter how she wore the combo, she served the perfect amount of sexy — never over-the-top, and we all bit her style.

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The couple discreetly declared their devotion for each other in a 2003 rendition as the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Everything from matching Burberry looks to his and hers timbs, namely Beyonce’s Manolo Blahnik boots, were a hit!