Black Music Month: 20 Prettiest Singers of the '80s

We always giggle to ourselves when we hear teens proclaim that there's never been a hotter Black singer than Beyonce, or Rihanna, or Keri Hilson. They're undoubtedly stunning, but today's music divas stand on the shoulders of gorgeous '80s glamazons like Whitney, Sade, Jody Watley and Miss Jackson (if you're nasty). These bold beauties dictated makeup and hair trends during what was arguably the boldest style decade of the century! In honor of Black Music Month, we're saluting twenty most beautiful songstresses of the Eighties.
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 08, 2011

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With her sultry almond eyes and flawless cheekbones, this angel-voiced, former teen model was one of the most lauded beauties of the 1980’s.

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Sade’s signature look — porcelain skin, scarlet lips and a slicked-back ponytail — instantly became iconic with the release of her first album, “Diamond Life.”

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This former Prince protegee and self-proclaimed “Nasty Girl” set hearts racing with her smokey bedroom eyes, fucshia lips and wildly teased tresses.

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This model-turned-singer reset beauty standards with her unapologetically androgynous style. These days, she’s inspired everyone from Rihanna to Lady Gaga.

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Every good girl in the ’80s wanted to look just like these doe-eyed, luscious-lipped sisters. Love the pastel eyeshadow!

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Well into her forties during her mid-’80s heyday, Tina Turner made coppery red lips and frosted locks some of the most recognizable beauty trends of the decade.

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Back when J. Lo was still “on the 6,” Bronx-born bombshell Lisa Lisa was breaking hearts with her signature frosted pink lipstick and one-eye-obscuring bangs.

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With her mounds of curls and flawless brows, Karyn White wasn’t just a “Superwoman,” she was also a great beauty!

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The platinum-haired “Saturday Love” singer brought a 1930s aesthetic to her look — wavy bob, pale eyeshadow and bee-stung lips.

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In the Eighties, Janet Jackson was definitely in “Control” with her strong, basic makeup and jet black curls. Fierce!

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Famous for her belly-baring buckskins in the ’70s, Chaka Khan made fluffy hair and kissable plum lips the thing in the ’80s.

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No one could touch Sheila Escovedo on the drums, and her makeup look was equally as dynamic: kohl-rimmed eyes, and brick red cheeks and lips.

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This Puerto Rican/Black soul singer turned heads with her impossibly lush pout and expressive, dark eyes.

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With her exotic eyes, mile-long nails, and oversize earrings, this former Soul Train dancer was one of the fiercest trendsetters of the ’80s!

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This honey-voiced chanteuse was also a great beauty, with cinnamon-kissed skin and cheekbones to cut glass.

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The Pointer Sisters epitomized ’80s cool, with their teased tresses, purple eyeshadow and bold, berry-stained lipgloss.

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From her nails to her lips, this tragic beauty’s signature makeup color was pink, pink and more pink!

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With her waterfall of ringlets and virgin brows, Perri Reid, aka Pebbles, was the ultimate in late Eighties cool.

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With her neon pink lips and back-combed curls, this diminutive cutie-pie was always at the height of ’80s glamour


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