Birthday Sex Confessions

Real people share their best birthday sex stories. Plus R&B newcomer Jeremih shares the magic behind his number 1 single.
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 25, 2009

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For this week’s Frisky Friday feature, we’ve got your best memories and fantasies from your special day as newcomer Jeremih discusses his hit song “Birthday Sex.”

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“My birthday sex fantasy would start out with a phone call from me playing a mysterious stranger and I’d call my lover to meet me for dinner. Dressed as someone else, after dinner and stimulating convo, I’d get up to exit and leave my hotel key on the table. He uses his key to enter later and follows a trail of rose petals that lead to me in a Jacuzzi in my birthday suit of course. We’d enjoy each other for the rest of the night.”
—Lindsay L., 32, Richmond, Virginia

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“I’m always turned on when experiencing sultry live music, so my birthday sex dream is to hit a sexy R&B concert with my man and sneak away to the lounge or dark corner during intermission to make our own music.”
—Cora H., 26, New York City

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“He entered the candlelit bedroom. Rose petals covered the bed. I pressed play on the iPod and the song of the evening, “Birthday Sex,” began to play. He was so caught off guard that we both started laughing and could barely stop. However, when I began to massage his body with warmed massage oil, the laughing ceased and we proceeded to do as the song said. I made sure to say, Happy Birthday, B! just as we reached the finish line.”
-Chauntel B, 38, Kansas City

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“For my birthday my aunt booked me a king size suite for me at her hotel. I brought four outfits: the nurse, the school teacher, the maid and the naughty girl, and also brought my camcorder, whip cream and an Isley Brothers CD. My man and I played strip poker. I lost four of the five games and ended up in my “birthday suit.” Afterwards I played different characters and he caught the whole thing on tape, including the ‘birthday sex.’ If my auntie is reading, I want to say thanks and that we’ll be needing another suite soon."
—Toni S., 29, Memphis

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“My birthday sex fantasy is to surprise my girlfriend on her special day at work, scoop her up with our bags packed and head to the airport for an island weekend getaway. As soon as we are free to move around the cabin, I would sneak her into the bathroom and make us official members of the mile high club.”
—Tony R., 30, Philadelphia

7 of 10 caught up with newcomer Jeremih exclusively for his thoughts on his chart-topping summer anthem.

“My single ‘Birthday Sex’ is not a new topic but no one has ever talked about it from a guy’s perspective. It’s R&B but still upbeat. I thought it was a song girls would probably like to hear but everyone has embraced it,” explains the 21-year-old Cancer who will celebrate his own birthday on July 17.

Listen to “Birthday Sex”: Jeremih - Jeremih - Birthday Sex

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Jeremih opens up about his ultimate birthday sex fantasies:

“I’ve done a lot but there’s still a lot I haven’t done (laughs). It would be more about the person at this point. I’m a big fan of Keri Hilson and Lauren London,” reveals the chocolate crooner.

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Dramatic and out in the open? Intimate and low-key? What’s your birthday sex fantasy?

Listen to “Birthday Sex”: Jeremih - Jeremih - Birthday Sex