Beyonce and Blue Ivy: The Queens of Cute

Beyonce won Instagram last weekend when she shared a precious Valentine's Day pic of she and Blue with bumblebee stickers all over their faces. Unsurprisingly, the "Beyhive" went crazy: The post has attracted 1.7 million likes and counting. Their buzzworthy pic is only the latest in their mommy-daughter love story. Flip through our gallery for some more of our favorite Bey-Blue moments.

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We were treated to this gem while flipping through our Instagram feeds on Valentine's Day. 

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Superstar mom Beyonce welcomed her first child on January 7, 2012. 

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The most sought-after 8-month-old, Blue Ivy Carter, made a summer appearance when a customer at Bergdorf Goodman snapped a pic of her and mom Beyonce shopping. 

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Beyonce cuddles her adorable daughter Blue Ivy as both mother and daughter sport blue ensembles.

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Mom and daughter stay close during a family excursion in the Mediterranean.

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Beyonce holds her baby girl tight during a family vacation.

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Bathtime! Beyonce cradles her then 1½-year-old bundle of joy.

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Beyonce spends a day at a Brooklyn park with Blue Ivy.

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Beyonce shared this precious photo of herself sharing a smooch with daughter Blue Ivy.

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The fashionable mom shares a moment with her equally stylish little girl.

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Beyoncé and Blue Ivy

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Beyonce celebrated Blue Ivy's 2nd birthday with a party in Miami.

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Mother and daughter hold hands for a bond that will last forever.

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We're loving this classic mother-daughter moment between Beyonce and Blue Ivy.

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy show off their matching pink manicures. 

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Happy Halloween from Beyoncé and Baby Blue Ivy.

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Adventure time for mommy Beyoncé and baby Blue.