Best Beauty Resolutions For The New Year

2015 is here! Swear by these makeup and skincare rituals in the new year.

Deena Campbell Jan, 02, 2015

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2015 is here! Swear by these makeup and skincare rituals in the new year.


Just because the packaging is cute and it's a popular brand doesn't mean it's the right foundation for you. Be smart and do a proper color match.

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We  know it's hard to wash every night, but we promise your face will thank us 10 years from now. 

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Come on, let's get rid of those pesky age spots once an for all. Wear SPF every season, but especially in the summer. 

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Yup, we're talking about that blue eyeshadow in your palette that's never been used. Try it the next time your out with the girls. 

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Don't be the girl with crazy looking nails. If you wear nail polish make sure it's presentable and chipped free. 

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Make 2015 be the year you free yourself of the toxins you've been poisoning your body with for years. 

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The term "getting beauty sleep" exists for a reason. Commit to giving your pillow more face time this year. 

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How can you properly contour and conceal with months and months of makeup caked on your brush? Get right in the 2015 and wash those grimey makeup brushes. 

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You have your makeup stored everywhere and you wonder why it takes you 40 minutes to get ready. Organize and store your beauty items in an orderly fashion. 

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Say it with us: "I will drink 8 glasses everyday."


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