Ask The Experts: Iman's Tips on Striking Picture-Perfect Poses

ESSENCE.COM Dec, 18, 2009

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Before she leaves for a party, supermodel-mogul Iman has her makeup artist, Sam Fine (left), take a few preliminary pictures to make sure she looks her best. “I experiment with poses to find the most flattering angle for the dress I’m wearing,” she says.

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“Everybody has one great side,” says Iman. “Look back on pictures of yourself and figure out which side you like best. But don’t be anal about it! If you’re stressing out, it’ll show in the picture.”

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“One hand on your hip—the one facing the camera—always look natural and chic,” says Iman. “Two hands on your hips? So forced.”

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“Your smile should look natural…not too wide,” says Iman. “It’s not a photo shoot, so no pouting. Just tilt your head upwards a bit and give a pretty, confident smile.”

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“If you have on a modest outfit, go ahead and strike a sultry pose,” says Iman. “But if you’re wearing a short skirt, try a more demure pose. If you sex up an already sexy outfit, you’ll look like a hooker!”

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“Before you leave for that big, important party, make sure you have mistake-proof hair and makeup,” says Iman. “That way, whether it’s your crazy Uncle Joe or the paparazzi taking the shot, you know you look your best.”

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“Party pictures are supposed to look like a captured moment, so don’t try to do anything too extravagant in front of the camera,” says Iman, shown here at a 1989 party with fellow uber-model, Cindy Crawford.

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“Laughing is a huge picture-taking no-no,” says Iman. “You don’t want a photographer to catch you mid-guffaw. Molars aren’t sexy.”

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“Always pose for the dress,” Says Iman. “Some dresses look great posed from the front, others show better from a sideways angle. Practice before you go out!”

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“If you have a feeling that someone has taken a not-great picture of you, ask to see the camera,” says Iman. “And then erase it. One click, and it’s gone forever.”

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“Always stand with your legs together, and one leg bent,” says Iman. “This pose always makes you look thinner.”


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