Ask A Brother: A Man Knows He's Ready To Marry When...

With so many men in town for ESSENCE Fest we just had to pick their brains. Ladies, want to know what it takes to get a man to commit? Hear it straight from the fellas!

Charli Penn Jul, 03, 2015

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“Being around older people in your family that definitely have settled down. Role models. People who have been married for 30 or 40 years who you see and you want to be like. That’s when!” – Darrell Duplessis

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“He doesn’t know. If he loves you, he’ll know when he stays honest. He’s faithful and honors her. When he’s faithful it’s time.” – C. Patterson

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“When I got t o a restaurant, there’s a large crowd and that woman will just get up and dance with me and she doesn’t care who’s watching.  There can be a million people in the building but it feels like it’s just her and me. That’s the one! -- Brandon Bolds

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“It’s like a gut feeling. Time has nothing to do with it. It’s your gut, there’s nothing more to it. You basically know it when you know it. You really feel it. I know;  I’ve been married seven years.” – Robert Gould

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“It’s a feeling you get. You can’t describe it. It’s different for everybody. You don’t think about it. You just know. It’s a feeling. He can’t be pressured. If he’s pressured then it’s just not natural. When he knows, he’ll know.” – Devin Paul

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“You get this feeling of completeness. That’s when you realize, hey, it’s time. You’ve accomplished the things you need to accomplish and you’ve enjoyed your life. You’ve been single, you’ve lived and now it’s time for the completeness. Every man wants some type of companionship, it’s just a question of when they want it in their life.” -- Lance White

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 “When he finds the right one. She’ll be loyal, spontaneous, and have a good 401K and credit score. A good partner. The whole works. -- Chris S.

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“I would know with help my family. I’m very family oriented. If my mom says yes, and my sister says yes, it’s a green light!” -- Jeffrey Volcy

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“You have to follow your heart. When you find a person who makes you smile and a person who’s able to connect with you, and you accept the person for who they are, it’s the right time." -- Joseph Nemorin

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“I knew it was time to settle down when I found the woman who made me feel special. She was all about me, and I knew it was time. I proposed in a movie theater. I got down on knee and made sure my lady knew she was the one.”- Rudy Volcy (In NOLA for his bachelor party)

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“I’m married. It’s the little things that people often overlook that become the biggest things in a marriage or relationship. It’s the selfless act. Maintaining that and being consistency makes her wife material. Consistency is important!’-- Fritz B.

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“When nobody else captures his attention.”-- Markis R.

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“Part of it is a little guessing game.  A lot of people are all about themselves. When you find a person who brings out the best in you and you know you bring out the best in them." – Steve Joseph