Accessories Street Style: Tougher than Leather

Accessories Street Style: Tougher than Leather
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 22, 2011

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Spiked grommets were a big trend this year, in this exact style. These gold metal bracelets on black leather have a chic rocker quality.

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Coco Chanel’s signature leather chains have inspired many. This bracelet, for instance, emulates the Parisienne fashion house’s style.

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Fringe is super boho, and is especially cool in leather. The coin and chain detail of this fanny pack makes it an eye-catching accessory.

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The lace and metal detail woven through this belt is interesting, and makes this a true statement accessory.

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Wide belts have been just about overdone, but we’ll keep take this studded style.

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The metallic and leather touches in the cuff and belt add a simple but cool element to this look.

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This belt may be small, but the color brings this look to life.

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Fanny packs are so 80s — in a good way, of course!. Love the color and vintage quality of this one.

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Sweet and simple does the trick, time after time, and small belts pack a lot of punch in bright colors.

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This aged leather in combination with a menswear watch would toughen up any look.

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Saddle brown leather gets better with time. This piece interestingly pairs chain and grosgrain ribbon.

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The Obi belt is an old style, but leather makes it new again.

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The overlapping style of this belt is very equestrian, while the woven portion feels boho. We love the two together.

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A mix of leather, chain, seashell and studs makes this belt so much fun.

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This belt makes classic equestrian style chic in patent leather. Using new materials on any classic style will instantly update it for a fresh feel.

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Leather and chain doesn’t get any cooler in this crossbody satchel style.

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The aged leather in combination with the menswear watch toughens up any look.

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