Accessories Street Style: Summer White

Pristine pieces that take fresh to another level.

Celia L. Smith May, 29, 2014

1 of 12 Hannan Saleh

All-white pumps can be tricky to pull-off, but a denim ensemble balances the brightness of this hue perfectly.

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Carry-out a monochromatic look down to the clutch for mega impact.

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Switch up your black peep-toe booties for a breezy pair of white ones this summer.

4 of 12 Hannan Saleh

Cross boundaries in a super chic pair of cross-strap pumps that add an element of cool to corporate attire.

5 of 12 Hannan Saleh

Match your shades to your look and really drive the point home.

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The one thing that transforms a white shoe from questionable to cute are the details!

7 of 12 Hannan Saleh

Lug soled sandals paired with an ethereal dress show a tougher side of this shade.

8 of 12 Hannan Saleh

A sexier cut with a lower vamp (toe cleavage) and peek-a-boo parts makes a style less Easter Sunday and more cutting edge.

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Add some edge to your wedges with a tonal slip on style.

10 of 12 Hannan Saleh

Make white that much bolder in a chunky pair of futuristic platforms.

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This oldie but goodie looks fresher in this pristine palette.

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Contrast rich black with crisp white to master the minimal look with perfection.