Accessories: Curvy Cones

Nothing lightens the mood like the perfect accessories for your fabulous frame!

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Bags with long straps will even out your curves darling while cinching and minimizing your waist.

Beach Bag, Stela 9, $87.99,

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 Fringe it out while adding volume to your lower half.  This belt will add much needed weight to your physique.

Belt, ASOS, $25,

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Remember divas that vibrant arm candy such as this watch will draw the eye down instantly.

Watch, Timex, $45,

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Wanting to balance out your unbelievable frame?  Pile on detailed bangles such as this unbelievable statement piece. 

Bangles, Alexis Bitar, $125,

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Cone ladies, remember subtle in size yet a bold statement is key.  This pair of drop earrings will stand out instantly while not being to gaudy for your upper half. 

Earrings, The Hut, $17.50,

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Totes with longer straps are a triangle girl’s best friend.  

Tote, Daily Look, $49.99,

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Small shades with slight detail such as this cat eye is ideal for your physique.

Sunglasses, ASOS, $22,

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Remember chic cones to pile on the rings and draw the eye down to your lower half.

Rings, Missguided, $14.38,

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Totes that you can hold down by your waist will balance your bottom physique immediately. 

Tote, Lauren Moshi, $88,

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Get your bad gal on while keeping your frame in balance. 

Earrings, Nasty Gal, $15.50,