9 of Melanie Fiona's Oh-So-Adorable Pregnancy Moments (We Live for #2!)

Singer Melanie Fiona is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, fellow singer Jared Cotter. Ever since announcing her pregnancy in November the singer has chronicled the cutest moments of her journey towards motherhood.

Lauren Porter Jan, 26, 2016

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Melanie and Jared haven't revealed the gender of their bundle of joy yet but whether a boy or girl, the baby will be certifably cute!

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Nothing beats kicking back to relax!

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Fiona captured this beautiful silhouette shot and wrote: "This Woman's Work... has allowed me to grow... To create life. To be stretched and tested further than my body and spirit ever has before. This is my greatest work. This is my evolved body... With curves and planes that tell a new story... Art that I will cherish forever... For it is the silhouette of a blessing...a source of my greatest love and newfound inspiration. I will embrace this body... This work... This Woman."

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The Canadian singer has such a laid-back boho vibe and her pregnancy has been of no exception!

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Melanie's pregnancy routine includes walking and she captioned this pic, "took our little one on a meditation date." How cute!

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"Let your LOVE grow."

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The shining light of Melanie's life is her growing bump!

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Melanie hasn't let her growing up stop her from dressing fabulously!

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Whether dressing up or dressing down, Melanie loves creating looks for her ever-changing body that reflect her mood and her personality, and even better, she loves doing it on a budget!