9 Things That Betta Happen on Tonight's 'Empire' Season Finale

The season finale of Empire is upon us, and we have so many loose ends that need to be addressed tonight. Will Cookie and Malcolm get together? Will Lucious finally accept Jamal's homosexuality? Will Porsha get a raise? She betta!

Taylor Lewis Mar, 18, 2015

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We all really just want Cookie to be happy, right? Whether you're Team Lucious or Team Malcolm (or hey, even Team Puma—remember him?), we just want Cookie to find a man who will love and appreciate her and all of her fierceness.

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Lucious has never accepted that Jamal is gay. After Andre had a mental breakdown, Lucious refused to visit him in the hospital. Come on, man! You say Empire is built on family—show it! These are your own sons. Plus, don't forget, they're most likely the ones who will be taking care of you as your ALS progresses.

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We first learned that Andre was sick early on in the season when his wife, Rhonda, demanded that he take his medications. Since then, we have painstakingly witnessed every moment of his mental deterioration, from his suicide attempt to his breakdown in the boardroom. We really want Dre to get well so he can take over Empire.

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Jamal can't catch a break. His dad doesn't accept his lifestyle, his mama is trying to mold him into a certain singer/songwriter and he just found out that his long-lost daughter is actually his long-lost half sister. Give Jamal a chance to do his own thing, and we have a sneaking suspicion that he will be juuust fine.

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We're really rooting for Hakeem, but we're hoping that the youngest Lyon will outgrow his childish ways. Exposing himself in public while ranting about Obama? Hakeem, we know you're better than that, and we know you're daddy didn't raise you like that either.

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Beneath Anika's tough, vengeful exterior is a vulnerable woman who (self-admittedly) wasn't always a vindictive Boo Boo Kitty. Just imagine what she was like before she walked into the Lyon's den. We know that woman is in there somewhere, and we'd like to see her!

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Every time Lola was onscreen, our hearts melted. This pint-size cutie stole every scene she was in, from her roaring like a "Lyon" to her emotional goodbyes (which, to be honest, we still aren't completely over). We need more of this preciousness tonight. Please, Lee Daniels. #BringLolaBack

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Give this girl a raise. Give her an award. She is Cookie's right-hand woman, and she is able to hold her own in the Lyon's den—not an easy feat. We know she's not making much—remember when Annika tried to woo her by offering her a fatter paycheck? Which brings us to our next argument: She's loyal!

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Andre has had his fair share of deceitful schemes, but a few weeks ago, we realized that Rhonda was the mastermind behind all of his ploys. He needs to divorce her (fingers crossed they signed a prenup!) and find a woman who truly wants the best for he and the Lyon family.