8 Signs You Shouldn't Be Sleeping With Him

8 Signs You Shouldn't Be Sleeping With Him
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 24, 2012

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Sex is no joke. You shouldn’t be sleeping with anyone without being 100 percent sure it’s what you want and whether or not he’s the man you think he is. Women, along with men, commonly make the mistake of having sex too soon. Knowing the telltale signs that taking your relationship to the next level is bad news is key. Here are eight things to look out for when making your decision on whom to meet between the sheets.

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What’s his full name? Where does he work? Have you seen the inside of his place? No, this isn’t an interrogation. It’s a wake up call. If you can’t answer questions like this about the man you plan to share your bed with, that’s a problem, and you definitely can’t say you know him well. Start there, and save the sex for much later on.

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If the man you’re dating will update his Facebook status before he’ll return your phone call, you are not a priority in his life. And if so, why give him top billing on your stage?

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If every conversation you have winds up taking a “dirty” turn, courtesy of him, you’re seeing a man with a one track mind. If sex is all he has on the brain, there is no room for romance, love or marriage.

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It’s not unusual to date someone that an acquaintance dated once upon a time, it happens. It is a red flag when you can name quite a few of his former flames, and you’re on speaking terms with most of them. Let’s face it, he gets around. Time to move on!

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No one is perfect and no man is the exception to this rule. If you can’t think of a single negative thing to say about him, he’s trying way too hard to please you and even harder to cover something up. Think about it.

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Is your relationship more about cuddling than conversing? That’s no good. Think back, are you holding each other and sharing your dreams or, well… just holding each other? You should have more than just great sex in common.

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Yes, some friends can hate on your date due to their own issues, but it’s never a good sign when no one in your circle of trust approves of who you’re seeing. Those who love you most want what’s best for you. If you’re keeping him a secret from them, he’s no prize and you know it. Sleeping with “that guy” will only complicate things. Steer clear!

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Your first date was just a month ago, and he’s already talking romantic getaways for two and meeting his mama. Love takes time. If he has none to waste, he’s rushing things, and you need to stop and ask yourself why.

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