7 Things You Need to Know About Lion Babe

Lion Babe slayed at Afropunk this weekend and we think it's time that you know a lot more about who this magical musical duo really is. Here are seven things to know about this unique, New York formed duo, Lion Babe. 

Imani Brammer Aug, 24, 2015

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Lion Babe's Jillian Hervey

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Hervey is the lovely offspring of actress, singer and Miss America winner, Vanessa Williams! Talent definitely runs in the family.

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The 26-year-old New York City native--he grew up in Greenwich Village-- is an experimental producer who is heavily inspired by Timbaland and J Dilla. In college, (Northeastern University to be exact), Goodman went under the stage name of Astro Raw. When he first met Hervey, he was a college freshman while she, in contrast, was a senior at The New School.

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"I met Lucas at a party where, just by chance, I heard his music. So I introduced myself and told him I liked it. We didn't really stay connected, but I followed his MySpace," Hervey said in an interview with the BBC. "And then I ended up in New York for college. I had to do a piece for school with original music - and Lucas was the only producer I knew. We did that and it went very well. A very easy collaboration. Eventually I mentioned I was interested in singing and he came over to my apartment. He was making beats up right on the spot and our first attempt at making a real song was actually 'Treat Me Like Fire', which was our first single."

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With a mastermind producer like Pharrell in tow, there is nothing to fear. Lion Babe composed their hit single "Wonder Woman" in Pharrell's Miami studio in only two days! "I learned so much in our session," said Goodman, the second half of Lion Babe. "Not so much from the things he said but from watching him work. All of that cycles in your head for the next week. It expands your mind."

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The group collaborated with Glover, formerly known as Childish Gambino, on 'Jump Hi,' a bouncy, fun and soulful tune garnering over a million likes on YouTube

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The duo took over the stage at Afropunk this year, where they gave the crowd an energetic performance. Lion Babe took to Instagram and captioned this image, "Thank you @karlfergusonjr for this amazing shot! What a super soul weekend! LION BABE & @markyramoneofficial @afropunk #afropunk #theramones #lionbabe."