7 Reasons Why We're Rooting for Ciara and Russell Wilson

We are totally feeling Ciara and her new boo thang Russell Wilson's love connection. The couple debuted their love in April at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, and now their PDA is all over social media. Our fingers are crossed that these two find their way to happily ever after, and here's why!

Taylor Lewis Jun, 23, 2015

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Russell is a staple at the Seattle Children's Hospital, and his new lady is happy to accompany him on his rounds in the center's wards. The couple who volunteers together stays together, right?

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It feels like every week they are each other's #MCM or #WCW ("Man Crush Monday" and "Woman Crush Wednesday" for all you non-Instagrammers). So it was no surprise that Ciara posted this pic of Russell yesterday, calling him her #MCM yet again. Adorable!

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Rule number one of a healthy relationship: Never stop learning, even if it's something as simple as learning how to concoct your fave Starbucks drink. "Thanks @Starbucks team for showing me and @DangeRussWilson how to make our own caramel frappuccinos!" Ciara captioned this photo.

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You gotta love a brother who isn't afraid to Instagram a pic of his boo and caption it "P.Y.T." We have mad respect for a man who proudly flaunts his woman.

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Ciara and Russell consistently look as if they just stepped off of a runway. Ciara is a stylin' mama. Russell is an ultra-chic athlete. So it's only natural that the two belong together. Duh.

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You gotta do what you gotta do. Even though one is a Grammy-nominated singer and the other is an NFL star quarterback, Ciara and Russell aren't above hitching a ride with some local police officers.

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The smiles say everything that we need to know about their relationship. You can just tell that these two not only love each other, but they truly like each other, too. We'll double-tap for that! 


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