5 Ways to Repair Heat Damaged Natural Hair

We love our hair, but we also always want what’s on the other side of the fence. Women with straight hair will use rollers and curling irons, and women with curly and coily hair will use chemicals or heat to straighten their hair. It’s one thing to want to switch your texture up, but quite another to do it frequently and safely, without affecting your hair’s health in the long term. Too much high heat can leave your hair fried and crispy, without a curl pattern to call its own. Don’t let that be you! Here are 5 ways to protect and repair heat damaged hair, and bring your naturally healthy hair back to life.

Afrobella Oct, 22, 2014

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First things first, consider the hair dryer or straightener you use. Is it a high quality kind with a few heat settings? Or is it a bargain basement variety that will mean a 400 degree blast of heat with no variation for a healthier hair drying experience? Is it a flat iron that offers a cool setting, to protect your hair from that sizzling hot damage? If not, keep it moving if you care about the long term health of your hair.

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Planning on heat straightening your hair? Work on strengthening it first, by doing deep conditioning and hot oil treatments beforehand. You want your hair to be healthy and strong before putting it to the test with high heat.

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It’s always recommended to use a heat protectant spray or hair oil when using heat to straighten it. Silicone based products are considered best because they coat the hair shaft, creating a protective layer that helps to prevent heat damage.

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Consistent use of high heat inevitably leads to severely damaged hair. Try to reduce heat straightening for long term hair health. Consider alternative styling techniques, like roller sets or hair banding for ways to rock a different kind of look.

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After putting your hair through high heat stress, it’s important to replace the moisture that’s been depleted. Steam treatments, oil treatments, pre-shampooing with natural oils and deep conditioning your hair will be essential after heat straightening.


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