5 Must-Try Hair Care Lines For Kids

New haircare lines that nourish and strengthen your child’s thick, curly or wavy hair.

Deena Campbell Apr, 14, 2015

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Gentle and made of essential oils, Eden Bodyworks’ new kids line softens and smooth’s the frizziest curls.

$8 each, available at eden-bodyworks.com.

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Every great hairstyle starts with the conditioner. Combat your kid's dry hair with this tear free conditioner laced with pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey.

$12, available at target.com.

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Take care of your beautiful baby with a sweet smelling conditioner, free of chemicals linked to cancer.

$10, available at cleanattitude.com.

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This eco-friendly, British-based kid’s line has finally made its way to the US. We like that the Dubble Trubble Strawberry 2 in 1 serves as a shampoo AND body wash which is great for extra fussy children.

$5, available at target.com.

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now you can introduce your kids to the hair care line you love so much. 

$6, available at drugstore.com.


# Natural


# Natural