24 Influencers Making Black Beauty History Now

As we take the time out to honor our past, it’s just as important to recognize the present and prepare for the future. We’ve gathered a list of the black beauty insiders whose talents and know-how are shaping the industry. These movers and shakers should definitely be on your radar as they are guaranteed to go down in black beauty history.

Alexis Bennett Feb, 24, 2015

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Who else can guarantee head turning tresses like Kim Kimble? The hair expert is responsible for styling our favorite hair looks such as Beyonce’s bob to Mary J. Blige’s blonde ‘dos.

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After working coveted positions for Procter & Gamble, this two time Harvard grad decided to boldly venture out on her own. Vixxenn is dedicated to improving the way hairstylists distribute extensions while also keeping black dollars in black communities.

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After being appointed to her leadership role at the first cosmetic company created specifically for women of color, Hilliard continues to execute strategies that are leading the brand towards success. To cap off her first year at Fashion Fair, the cosmetics label partnered with Broadway’s Cinderella and Nene Leakes, which has helped the business to evolve and connect with a younger generation.

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You may have seen Dr. Jeanine Downie discussing best skin practices on The Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, or Discovery Health. Her book, "Beautiful Skin of Color: A comprehensive skin care guide for Asian, Olive, and Dark Skin," has helped many Black women around the world.

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Jamyla noticed the lack of products containing only nourishing ingredients for natural. She’s challenging other so-called “natural” products to improve on the quality of their products with her own handmade line Oyin Handmade, which is currently sold in Target.

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You don’t just wake up and look like Beyoncé. You have to have Sir John Barnett on your team. The man behind that flawless face shook up the beauty industry in 2014 and we can’t wait to see what’s to come from the makeup pro, who’s certainly living up to his honorable name.

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This Harvard grad is impacting the men’s grooming business in a major way. His company addresses the problem of razor bumps like no other. Instead of looking at issues with quality of razors, Shavewise tackles how to control inflammation.

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Have you ever really researched the ingredients in your beauty products? Well, Karen did, and what she found out was disturbing. So, she created her own spa line, Karen’s Body Beautiful, which has gained a cult following and is sold around the country.

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This makeup expert who has worked with beautiful faces such as Jhené Aiko isn’t only beautifying faces. She dedicates her platform to making women feel equally as beautiful on the inside by providing motivational guidance through social media and blog, Fee-Love.

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Myavana is a tech company that is currently transforming the hair industry. They’ve created a social platform that helps unite and inform hair-enthusiasts on the hottest styles, products, and stylists.

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With an education from Harvard and Yale, Dr. Dina Strachan is an expert in making ethnic skin radiant. She continues to work to provide the best practices tailored to helping women of color obtain and maintain vibrant, youthful skin. 

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This eco-preneur is not only concerned with what ingredients you put on your body, she also works to ensure that mother nature is respected at the same time. Her company, Skin, Mind, Body Essentials has created several brands for both men and women that each promote sustainability.

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Dr. Henry is a dermatologist who treats her clients in NYC and she also has experience training physicians to inject cosmetic treatments such as Botox and Juvederm. Her interest in both medicine and surgery led her to specialize in Dermatology at Sadick Dermatology.  She has also published several articles that focus on the skin issues for African Americans.

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After discovering her passion for the growth of African American hair, Sophia Emmanuel decided to become a trichologist, which has helped her to further understand the chemistry of the hair and scalp. She is shaping the industry through her dedication to finding the best solutions for treating the problem of hair loss.

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The Minx Master, Lisa Logan, doesn’t just paint nails. She creates art. Her designs have been seen on the tips of stars such as Beyoncé Knowles, Madonna, and Katy Perry.

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Dr. Crutchfield is building what he calls, “the Nordstrom of skin care.” Not only does his dermatology center off skin treatments, but they also focus on hair and nail disorders, providing the finest medical staff in the country for all clients.

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This two-time Emmy Award winning stylist is dominating the realm of hair through her trendsetting styles. You may have seen Kiyah’s innovative work on America’s Next Top Model or BET’s My Black is Beautiful.

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This beauty pro has provided her expertise for a host of celebrities, magazine editorials, and even designers. Tasha Reiko Brown is proving to be more than just a makeup artist, but also an expert who regularly providing advice to multiple media outlets.

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Maisie Dunbar is more than just a manicurist. She offers her expertise by reporting on the latest nail trends on television and even offers mentorship to students of cosmetology and nail tech programs.

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Joy Adaézé may have gotten her start in fashion, but she’s revamping the hair industry with her line of natural-textured extensions. Joy understands that hair, like fashion, has the power to change a person’s mood and she’s hoping to make more sistas happy.

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This esthetician took matters into her own hands and cured her daughters skin condition with a homemade soap. Since then, she has grown her business and Shea Gourmet products are sold around the country.

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Darrius Peace is known for helping women transition smoothly from relaxed to natural hair. As the forerunner of the “My Hair Ain’t Nappy” movement, Darrius has empowered women to embrace their natural textures through improving mental attitudes towards curly tresses.

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Have you noticed that many hair care products marketed towards black women aren’t owned and operated by those of color? Well Mahisha Dellinger is tackling this problem with the help of her line, CURLS. Her brains, certified organic ingredients and cute packaging is what makes these products a success.

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Ngozi Opara doesn’t just sell natural hair extensions, she manufactures her products, which guarantees the best quality. Opara even lived in a factory in China in order to offer the best to her clients. We’re excited to see where her determination takes her next.


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