The 2015 Hair Blogger Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping! We asked our favorite natural hair bloggers, YouTubers and natural hair enthusiast to share their must-have hair products for the holidays. Whether you're splurging or shopping on a budget, check off every girly girl on your list with our annual hair blogger gift guide.

Deena Campbell Nov, 30, 2015

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Style blogger, social media specialist and digital media maven Christina S. Brown is a New York native and the founder of fast-growing lifestyle destinations and

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I travel so much, it always helps to have your favorite products in miniature size. I swear by this cleansing oil so I love that they give you a full size and a mini.

$26, available at

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Because there's no better accessory to a curly fro then dope blingy headphones!

$235, available at

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Adult coloring books are all the craze these days. Love that this one focuses on us curlies. As an entrepreneur, I find myself needing to decompress and coloring is a great way to do that.

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This graphic designer, vlogger, blogger, and natural hair enthusiast started her Youtube Channel in 2009 and it’s been fire ever since!

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What woman doesn't dream about changing up her hair color at least once in her lifetime!? Temporary hair chalks are a gift that one may not think about buying for themselves, and they allow you to change up your look without the commitment or damage.

$8, available at

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A staple in my routine to stretch my hair without heat, Curlformers are a great gift as they're extremely useful and are a great investment for healthy hair care.

$10, available at

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Taniqua Russ is the Senior Editor of 4cHairChicks, the ultimate resource for women with type 4 hair.

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When it comes to hair, for me, the less effort the better. The SLAP is satin lined and looks just like a beanie. So, you can leave the house with twists intact and still look cute. This is a great gift for my fellow lazy naturals.

$29, available at

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The 4cHairChicks x That Artista My Crown collection t-shirts showcases artistic illustrations of beautiful women wearing many different natural styles, coupled the "You can't take my crown" mantra. Any of these designs would be perfect for the naturalista wanting to make a statement.

$22, available at

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Recognized as a beauty/lifestyle influencer, Africa Miranda, was the first Brand Ambassador for Creme of Nature, and creates beauty buzz with her Girls with Curls and Hairnista “Hey Girl Hey” Meet-up events around the world.

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This brush has been popping up ALL over my Instagram feed! The fact that it has the stamp of approval from natural hair guru Felicia Leatherwood makes it a must have.

$16, available at

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My secret weapon. This handheld steamer is the perfect go-to for detangling and adding much needed moisture to my hair.

$70, available at

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I use this oil literally from head to toe! It keeps my hair soft and moisturized and is great protection for my skin during winter months.

$14, available at

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Named one of 's top 100 bloggers, Danielle is the founder of

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I love the results of a sleek blowout, I just don't love the time it takes to get there. This will cut my dry time down so I NEED it.

$329, available at

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With winter being none to kind to both hair and skin, I'm all about the night treatments. With this I'll be able to wake up with softer, shinier, and healthier-looking hair.

$38, available at

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Jenell founded Kinky Curly Coily Me! to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty, encourage women to accept their natural curls, and to be a resource for woman with curly hair.

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This detangles tangled natural hair like nothing I've ever seen. Tangles melt away, no water needed.

$7, available at

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The Eden Body Works Curl Defining Creme will give you the bomb twist out every single time.

$9, available at

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Chime Edwards is a popular YouTube vlogger with over 145,000 subscribers.

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This leave-in conditioner not only provides intense moisture to brittle strands but also the hold power required to achieve a gorgeous twist out. Saturating your strands before a detangling session will help your wide-toothed comb glide through stubborn tangles with ease. It’s a great gift for “tender headed” naturals.

$11, available at

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This non sticky paste helps tame frizz , smooth edges and makes the hair pliable for that perfect holiday bun. Not to mention the Passion Fruit Oil will have noses tingling at your every turn.

$8, available at

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Afrobella has won more than ten online awards, including inclusion to the Black Weblog Awards Hall of Fame. has had over 11 million pageviews in its existence.

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Quelly Rue Designs are all about bold Afrocentric style. I love her sweatshirts and accessories, and her African print scarves would make my winter style so much more vibrant!

$42, available at

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Living through rough Chicago winters taught me a thing or two about skincare and hair care and the need for internal and external moisture. This humidifier is super easy to use, works well to reduce the dryness in my home, and it looks sleek and cool.

$500, available at

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Valerie, founded of Hairlicious Inc., created Hairlista Inc. Social Network in 2008 as a platform to educate, inform and encourage women on healthy hair care practices.

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Are you a healthy hair fanatic who loves bone straight hair but not interested in the possible damage direct heat can cause on your hair? Well Tress Guard has developed a silk barrier between your hair and flat iron that will protect your hair from the heat. Now I can enjoy guilt free heat styled hair over the holidays!

$19, available at

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I’m a champion for regular deep conditioning sessions but if you’re always on the go like me then this heat cap needs be an item on your Christmas hair wish list. It’s a handmade terry cloth microwaveable heat cap with renewable flax seed that will generate heat when warmed. Just simply pop it into the microwave for a few seconds and put it on your hair for 30-45mins for gentle moist heat.

$23, available at