20 Ways to Rock Your Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is only a few days away, and if you don't yet have any hot plans, there's still time to schedule in a little excitement. Here’s your guide to new products, dating sites, ideas and more that are sure to spice up your V-Day itinerary.

Charli Penn Feb, 12, 2013

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Whether you're single, dating or happily married, there is fun to be had for all on cupid's holiday. From new dating sites and apps that make finding a date (or planning one!) for the evening easier than ever before to sexy new pleasure products you'll want to try together when you get home, we've got your guide to all things love this Valentine's Day. Here are 20 things you've just gotta try!

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Chaka Khan’s romantic hit “Aint Nobody” belongs on anyone’s romantic must-have playlist, and what better to accompany it than a box of Ms. Khan’s new signature gourmet “Chakalates” chocolates? Each box contains dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, ginger and praline and Jamaican dark rum chocolates. The delicious variety will cost you $35 but you're sure to earn mega cool points in the chocolate-giving department. What’s sweeter than this idea?

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Sometimes to get what you really want in bed, you have to ask for it. Sexpert Susie Bright recommends a fun game of Truth or Dare between the sheets to kick off an exciting evening, and if you’re too shy to try, she has created the perfect way to help out. The I Dare You box comes with 30 sexy prompts from Bright, each sealed in pretty little envelopes. Just tear and dare then watch the magic happen. He’s gonna love this game!

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Here’s a fun way to show him some love for under $30 bucks, ladies. Meet Mosaic. It’s a sweet and easy new app designed to allow you to create a 20-page 7-inch by 7-inch photobook with photos from your smart phone. In just three steps, you can select photos, create the photobook and order it to be delivered within four days tops. Create one filled with images from your last great date, the day you got engaged or your happiest moments together. The best part is, it will fit nicely in his pocket so he can carry it with him and show you off. Download Mosaic here.

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No time for card shopping? That's okay. The best cards can’t be found in the aisles of your local drug store anymore. The smartest, funniest and flirtiest ones are now just a click away. We love the customizable, free e-cards from Just A Wink. Just pick one that matches your flirt style, add his name and then choose whether you want to send it via text, email or Facebook.

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This Valentine’s Day let your iPhones unite in the name of love. Lovendar is a fun new app that allows couples to “make time for love” by sharing date calendars, gift wish lists and dialogue about what they should see and do. Use it to plan the perfect V-Day and to create a sexy must list for when you get home. (Wink!) Download the app here.

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If you’d rather spend holidays helping others you can do so and still help yourself to a little romance too. New dating site YourCauseOrMine matches members based on their service and cause interests, their location and how dedicated they are to giving back. Once you’ve made a connection, the site helps you set up a time and place to volunteer together. It’s an amazing option for singles in search of a date with meaning and a great chance to avoid spending the evening alone. Give it a go and see how fulfilling it can be to share the love.

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Are you ready to mix things up a little? Skip the Valentine's Day dinner reservations and make dinner at home instead. This means you get to play bartender for the evening and we know just what drinks you should make. Start with a bottle of Prévu sparkling liqueur and create a “First Kiss” by combining three ounces of it with one ounce of champagne and a little raspberry garnish. It’s delicious – we already tried it!

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If you’re looking for a romantic gesture that’s not over the top, try putting your baking skills to the test. It's a perfect way to surprise your office crush and a sweet idea just about any man will love. Just add butter, mini-marshmallows, red food coloring and Rice Krispies Cereal to your grocery list and start heating up that oven. (Don’t forget the heart shaped cookie cutter!) Find the full recipe over at Love, Pomegranate House.

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Four words: He's gonna love it! Need we say more? Grab these sexy Gypsy Rose Red Tassle Pasties from Good Vibrations just in time for the holiday weekend. Disclaimer: He may never let you go again.

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There are so many Valentine’s Day products designed to tantalize your sense of smell or taste, but what’s more exciting than playing with your sense of touch? Pleasure products powerhouse JIMMYJANE recently introduced the HELLO TOUCH, a vibrator worn on your fingers—or his!—to enhance your natural touch. We could tell you about all the fun this little gadget can bring to the bedroom, but something tells us, you’re mind already went there. Enjoy!

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When was the last time you and your boo went on a staycation? Skip the flight altogether and head straight to the nearest luxury hotel this Valentine's Day. It's high time you scoped out the fanciest hotel around, and is there any better night to do it than Valentine's Day? Stay put, stay in bed, and most importantly, stay together. You can't lose!

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Sometimes the best plans don’t exist at all. Forget dinner and a movie and find a new adventure for two instead. You don’t have to hop in the car to get lost and discover something new. If you can swing it, play “hookie” from work and agree to meet in the park or at some part of town neither of you have ever enjoyed to before. Then, just start exploring together. What wasn’t even a “date” might just wind up being your best one ever!

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The trouble with the usual Valentine’s Day love coupon books you always see near the checkout section at your favorite store is that half of the “acts” and “favors” offered inside are cliché or just don't apply to your relationship. Every couple’s bond is unique, and new site Datevitations allows couples to create customizable love coupon books, with up to 35 individual coupons inside, and offer over 200 relatable options to choose from. Married couples will love coupons for things like “Answers,” a “Quickie” and “Late Night Snack.”

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Looking for an easy way to instantly impress your sweetheart? Tell him you love him in another language—and watch his face light up. Saying it in French will be a guranteed mood-enhancer. It has long since been considered one of the most romantic languages in the world, and a recent poll conducted by Rosetta Stone revealed that a whopping 60 percent of lovers surveyed say French puts the “r” in romantic. Parlez-vous Français?

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Spending the night alone? No worries. There’s still fun to be had if you’re game. Calling itself the “little black dress of vibrators” this chic, sleek and handy gadget is designed to give the utmost pleasure to any woman who possesses it. Seriously, the Crave DUET has earned its bragging rights. With dual motors, a unique split at the top for optimum pleasure and a USB charger, this waterproof wonder aims to please.

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Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, so why not extend the celebration with a weekend of relaxation for two? Spas are pricey, but hunkering down at home is not. Find new ways to save money and add intimacy by creating an oasis at home. The Hot Stone Therapy massage set from Pure Romance might as well be your starter kit. It includes sensual eucalyptus-mint scented Euforia massage oil and self-heating romance stones. Check, please!

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LIke it or not, there's such an abundance of technology at your fingertips in today’s world that your private time together isn’t ever really intimate anymore. As long as a cell phone is nearby and a laptop or tablet is turned on, couples aren't getting the along time they think they are. Well, that ends this Valentine’s Day. Take the pledge and join the official Tech Timeout Challenge with your baby. It will mean unplugging completely come Thursday night – yes, TVs too! – but just imagine what all of that eye contact and one-on-one time can lead to. Come on, just go with it!

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Is there something super sexy you're just dying to test drive between the sheets? Tell him! One simple confession plus two glasses of fine wine can lead to three times the fun.

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With President’s Day just around the corner, this coming weekend is the ideal time to dash off on a spur of the moment four-day vacation. Take Friday off, and after a romantic Valentine’s Day, head to the airport. Don’t be fooled, there is still such a thing as a last-minute deal—you just have to know where and how to look. New travel site Hipmunk promises to make finding a flight a breeze by allowing you to search itineraries by “agony” and “price.” Check out their site and view their guide to last-minute vacations now.