16 TV Characters We Secretly Want To Be

Looking across television, there have been many great female African-American TV characters. From Dominique Deveraux to Olivia Pope, these fictional women have the most enviable traits—style, class, intelligence and spunk. See which 16 characters we secretly wanted to be.

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Diahann Carroll as Dominique Deveraux

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Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

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Actress: Jill Marie Jones
What We Envy: Toni Childs may have been the most vain woman on television, but her unapologetic personality was enviable. Sure Childs may not have been everyone's cup of tea, but she never dimmed her light for anyone—not even Todd!

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Actress: Brandy Norwood
What We Envy: We have never seen a teenager so mature beyond her years. Moesha's writing was spot on and so were those braids! And honestly, she handled the pressure from her father with grace.

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Actress: Lisa Bonet
What We Envy: Denise Huxtable stood out on The Cosby Show for more reasons than one. Her out-there personality and daring style was always the talk of the town. If anything, she secretly encouraged all teenage girls to take a risk or two and never be afraid to fail.

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Actress: Kim Fields
What We Envy: Regine Hunter was a barbie doll come to life. Her keen fashion sense and ever-changing weaves, wigs and tracks made us envy her—her closet would have been a wonderland. If only she could have been a little less superficial when came to finding a man.

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Actress: Chandra Wilson
What We Envy: Known as the doctor who kept the interns in line, Dr. Bailey proved she's one tough cookie. Her blunt and bold personality only made us wish we could take charge at the office.

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Actress: Kellie Shanygne Williams
What We Envy: Laura Winslow was that all-American girl we grew to love on Friday nights. But once Steve Urkel stepped into that wacky machine and turned into the fine Stefan Urkel, every girl became jealous.

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Actress: Erika Alexander
What We Envy: Maxine Shaw was a baaaaaad woman in the courtroom. She was an unstoppable professional and she always made sure she had just as much fun as the guys in the crew.

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Actress: Bern Nadette Stanis
What We Envy: There was no teenager in the '70s with as much funk and sass as Thelma Evans. She simply had what every girl wanted, which made her the perfect fox in every guy's eyes.

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Actress: Tia and Tamera Mowry
What We Envy: These gals brought lots of laughs and warm smiles to our afternoons. But it was Tia and Tamera's unbreakable bond that drove us to envy. How many of us always wanted a twin?

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Actress: Jackée Harry
What We Envy: Saaaaandra had a large personality and girlfriend wasn't shy about it either. If only we could have Sandra's unapologetic sassy attitude and those va va voom curves.

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Actress: Jasmine Guy
What We Envy: Although Whitley Gilbert was that sometimes annoying southern belle of the Different World gang, her love for Dwayne Wayne was enviable. There weren't many college sweethearts that actually stood a chance of survival.

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Actress: Ja'net DuBois
What We Envy: No one could deliver a comeback like Wilona Woods. Whether under pressure or just having fun, Ms. Woods was everyone's favorite neighbor complete with immeasurable sass.

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Actress: Tracee Ellis Ross
What We Envy: Yes, Joan Clayton may have had the flyest closet in all of television. But it was her corky sense of humor and her undying love for her sisters that we admired.

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Actress: Lark Voorhies
What We Envy: Lisa Turtle had the best back-to-school outfits of the Saved By the Bell gang. Not only did we love her fashion sense, we loved her witty responses to Screech's perpetual marriage proposals.