16 Relationship Books That Will Forever Change the Way You Love

Love is one of the most universal topics you can find and it’s no secret that sometimes we could use a little counsel and guidance in that area. So here’s your quick start guide to some of the top books that can help lead you to more healthy and fulfilling relationships in your life.

Ashley Coleman Mar, 15, 2016

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Love is one of the most universal topics you can find and it’s no secret that sometimes we could use a little counsel and guidance in that area. So here’s your quick start guide to some of the top books that can help lead you to more healthy and fulfilling relationships in your life.

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Often we want to give love to others the way that we like to receive it. But Chapman breaks down the five different ways we receive love – Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Quality Time, and Acts of Service. He shows us how we can go about speaking the love language of our partner properly and obtain life changing results.

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The Hollywood couple is pushing the boundaries on what many think is impossible in this time – abstaining from sex. The book gives insight on what delayed gratification can really do for your life, marriage, and career. They give personal accounts of their process of getting to know each other and changing the narrative in their dating lives by doing something different.

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Modern Day Matchmaker and all-around love guru Paul Carrick Brunson simplifies your most complicated love dilemmas in this book, which is essential for your love self-help collection.

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Steve Harvey has quickly become a go-to guy in the relationship world. Though the book has been adapted to film in not one but two movies as a comedy, it doesn’t take away from some of real life nuggets in this book that can help women navigate the dating experience.

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Etiquette for a lady, from a Gentleman. Unafraid of the “another man writing about women” title, Bereola explores femininity and class in today’s society. Imploring the help of Hill Harper, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Michelle Williams and more to help round out his unique view of etiquette, ladylike behavior, and womanhood.

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Could you stand to have less negativity in your day to day interactions with your partner? That’s exactly what Harville Hendricks reveals in this book based off his development of Imago Relationship Therapy created alongside his wife.

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Eggerichs breaks down relationships into two simple needs – Women want to feel loved and women want to feel respected. This is an intriguing narrative about the conflict created when these needs go unmet and how to effectively resolve the conflict it creates.

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Realizing that women can sometimes be in the race of finding the perfect guy and settling down to marital bliss, D’Oyley gives no-nonsense advice on living your best single life while in pursuit of a mate. Through her own personal dating escapades and advice from dating and relationship experts the book is packed with sound tips for the young single.

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Often used as a resource in relationship classes, these simple truths will blow your mind. Recognizing that both women and men have different needs and the ones we share, we prioritize differently, Harley explores creating an “affair-proof” marriage by teaching how to love more creatively and sensitively.

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Sometimes we forget that great relationships really begin with loving ourselves first. Though you won’t find “relationship” specific tips here per say, the introspective questions at the end of each chapter will help you learn a lot about yourself and in turn more about how to better relate to your partner. Often we measure ourselves up to what we think our counterparts will want instead of understanding the true measure of womanhood.

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Submission can often be seen as weakness. Wilson guides the reader through what it takes to learn that you are still in authority when under authority. Giving this often misunderstood topic a personal touch, Bunny Wilson shows all angles for both men and woman and will leave you with a completely new view of submission and its importance in relationships.

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A collection of letters, poetry, and short stories, Reid is an artist expressing his views on womanhood in this time. The self-proclaimed hopeful romantic doles out real talk about relationships and love in an effort to help women see more of their power.

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An oldie but a goodie. Whether you actually believe we are from different planets or not, the fact that women and men seem to think a little differently is evident. Gray explores our ability to effectively communicate when we better understand the needs, desires, and behaviors of our partners.

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A collection of real thoughts from real life experiences in dating in the 21st Century. Carr gives us the inside track to his dating experiences for us to learn, be impacted and remember that even in this fast paced world we live in, love is still relevant.

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By studying droves of couples over the years, John Gottman produced the seven principles to creating a marriage that can stand the test of time. The book includes exercises to work through to guide couples to not only a long lasting relationship, but a fulfilling one as well.

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Lindsey tackles the facades that we put up as women to “look” like we have it all together when really inside we’re broken and looking for our value in all the wrong places. Whether single or married, the book features great, practical advice on finding your true identity and resisting comparing your life to others.


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