14 Photos That Prove Billy Dee Williams Is One Of The Sexiest Brothers Of All Time

Actor Billy Dee Williams turns 77 today and to celebrate we're rewinding time to count all of the reasons why he is the original hot chocolate.

Charli Penn Apr, 06, 2015

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If you look up swag in the dictionary, you'll find a photo of Billy Dee Williams waiting there. He invented it before anyone even knew what to call it. All that mattered was that the ladies loved it, and he knew how to serve up a healthy portion for the cameras.

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Williams steamy, shirtless shots were melting hearts long before the days of Shemar Moore's shirtless beach sightings.

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Watching Williams walk on and off screen was like watching art in motion. He had just the right amount of "prep" in his step.

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The cameras have always loved Williams. In the 70s and 80s his fans couldn't get enough of watching him steam up their screens like only he could.

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Say hello to our sizzling hot Billy Dee Williams cover from July 1976. We bet it was one hot summer!

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Those sexy brown eyes, that come-hither smile, the moustache — are we wrong for still swooning over this 70s leading man?

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Williams' inviting smirk has often been copied but never duplicated. There is no other like it.

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If you're looking for classic love scene inspiration, start with any film on Williams' resume. He kept it hot, and classy.

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Men had no idea how much a woman could love a well-groomed mustache until Williams showed 'em how it was done. His signature 'stash was, and is, beloved by fans worldwide.

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We challenge anyone to find a single photo of Williams in the 70s, 80s and 90s where he wasn't posed to perfection. Seriously, good luck with that, because it doesn't exist.

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Williams worked a custom suit like no other man in the 70s or 80s ever could.

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In the 70s and 80s, Williams was the hottest leading man in Hollywood. He starred in classic films like Brian's Song, Lady Sings the Blues, and as Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's Batman.

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Whether he was going for preppy perfection or polished poise, during the height of his career Williams could do no wrong no matter what he wore onscreen.

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Father Time has always been good to Williams, whose looks have aged like wine over the years.