11 Couples Who Win At Love and Basketball

From Teyana and Iman to LeBron and Savannah, here are 13 couples whose love earns a high score.

Lauren Porter Apr, 19, 2016

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We can't get enough of this R&B singer and her Cleveland Cavalier! Not only are they a gorgeous couple, but their daughter Iman Jr. "Junie" is just about too cute for words!

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The Being Mary Jane star and her Miami Heat man are just what fun love is made of! 

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You might as well be living under a rock if you don't know about the AMAZING love that these two share! 

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These college sweethearts met as basketball players at UCLA and their love never died! 

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Ms. Kerri baby and her Oklahoma City Thunder beau are so beautiful together! 

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These two wear their love so very well! 

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Since high school, these two have been riding for each other. If those aren't #BaeGoals what is?!

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We have loved this couple since their ESSENCE.com Bridal Bliss days! 

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No one can deny just how stylish and smitten these two are! 

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These two are practically picture perfect! 

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Golden Medal Olympian Candace Parker and her husband former NBA player Shelden Williams have a precious little family with their daughter Lailaa!


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