10 Ways to Step Your Mom Game Up

10 Ways to Step Your Mom Game Up
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 06, 2009

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Every mom wants to be the best parent possible. But the trick is realizing that there’s no universal script. It’s always about trying new ideas here and there. Here are 10 savvy ways to make sure you and your child are growing in the best possible ways. -Yolanda Sangweni

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Let them see (and know) that mom still has her own dreams outside of those she has for her children. By sharing, you’re also encouraging and giving them the power to dream.

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Whether trying to lose weight or saving money, the more you’re on top of your goals the happier you’ll be, and your children will see it. More often than not they’ll mimic your actions.

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This doesn’t mean “friend” your child on Facebook necessarily, but don’t let the generation gap get so far apart that you’re not aware of their online presence. Even Google them once in a while to make sure of their safety.

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Let them know monetary success isn’t the only kind available. Whether it’s a local chef or painter, reach out to various people who can demonstrate that the NBA isn’t the only route to success.

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A good book, a night out with girlfriends; anything that nourishes your spirit.

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The point is to teach children how to budget and save; a skill that will last them a lifetime. You may not be so good at it yourself so this might be the time to learn together.

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Gone are the days when children were to be seen and not heard. Having an open-door policy lets your child know you can switch up from “mom” to confidante.

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From an early age, children have all kinds of philosophical questions and church should not be the only place they learn about faith and spirituality. Have an open dialogue about their beliefs, and yours.

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Let your children show you their world once in while. It will give you an idea of what makes them happy.

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Always find the lightness in the situation. It’s been said that children laugh about 150 times a day and adults about 15. Guess who’s happier?

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