10 Signs You're a Single Married Woman

10 Signs You're a Single Married Woman
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 31, 2012

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Less talking to one another and more talking at each other. Communication is reduced to complaints or one-word responses.

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You spend less and less time together. The nice dinner dates are “special times” and are few and far between.

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You are the formal GPS responsible for locating all lost objects.

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You run off an Energizer battery which never runs down. If you dare become tired or even look tired, the question becomes “What is wrong with you?” The last you remember, you didn’t get the children or the house by yourself. “So why am I the only one tired?”

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You are human resources for all activities regardless if it’s social events or calling the plumber or other repairmen.

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The “we” in your relationship has become the “me” in the relationship. Your mate is there but not there.

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You wear the Superwoman cape 24/7. You work a paid job outside the home, only to return home and work as the cook, maid, taxi-cab driver, house manager, nurse, etc.

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The “don’t ask don’t do” policy applies at your house. If you don’t “ask” for help, it doesn’t get done even the obvious task (e.g. dishes or other household chores).

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You have become emotionally disconnected with your mate. There’s a loss of emotional intimacy and/or emotional closeness.

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The thrill is gone in the marriage. There is no “spark”. You feel you have a roommate as opposed to a lover or soul mate. You’re constantly looking for the man or the person you married. Where did he go?

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Here’s how to turn things around:

1. Be honest with yourself.

2. Take responsibility for your role.

3. Face your fears and communicate.

4. Create a physical/emotional/spiritual balance.

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