10 Reasons To Change Your Hair Routine This Spring

Deena Campbell Apr, 05, 2016

As the weather starts to warm up and the humidity in the air increases, it serves as the best time to revamp your hair routine. Do your strands a huge favor and check out these reasons to switch your hair care routine.

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Using a lighter moisturizer and conditioner is perfect for spring because warmer weather warrants less heavy products.

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Kiss heavy creams and oils goodbye. Now is the time to add glycerin, which is a water-soluble ingredient that prevents against breaking. Just remember it can be very sticky, so use with caution.

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Those rainy, moisture-rich spring days can wreck havoc on your strands. Opt for braids or weaves to protect against the rainy season.

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The spring and summer sunrays are brutally honest. If you have frizzy strands, or dull highlights the sun will show them. There are four types of protein treatments: protein packs, reconstructors, deep penetrating treatments, and very light protein treatments. Choose which works best for you.

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Chlorine build up can be detrimental to your strands. If your haven’t done so already, now is a great time to add clarifying shampoos to your routine.

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Nothing kicks off spring better than a short cut. You’ve been hiding under heavy hats all winter—now is the perfect time to let loose!

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You know that old bottle of conditioner you’re still holding on to? Now is the perfect time to get rid of it and experiment with new brands and ingredients. And, now that the weather is slightly warmer you can leave the house with your hair slightly wet. Winning!

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Yes, the weather is warmer and it’s a great time to switch things up, but if you’re finding that your routine works great for every season, then stick with it. Pay attention to what your hair needs and only do what works for you.