10 Mistakes Women Often Make in Bed

10 Mistakes Women Often Make in Bed
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 09, 2011

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You don’t have to be fresh out the shower to hop in the sack with your lover, but you do need to freshen up first. This includes your breath. (No one’s a fan of garlic or onion breath.)

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Calling a timeout for no good reason is never a good idea unless you’re okay with being the ultimate mood killer.

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To the left…no right..down there…wait, up here. Sound familiar? If this sounds like your usual routine, it’s time to change it up. Men want to know what you want but they’re looking for love not a lesson plan. Beware of being too controlling.

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It can be instinctual to want to make a joke or giggle when you’re nervous, but doing so in bed can sometimes make things more awkward for him. Sex is fun, but not always a laughing matter.

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Sex is a two-person activity. If you’re not up for doing your part it can be a real turn off. Initiate what you want and take an active role in his pleasure.

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Unless he’s okayed it, you shouldn’t be in the business of leaving love marks on his body — especially not those that could leave a scar. (Back-scratching with long nails is what women are most guilty of.)

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Admit it, you’ve probably already been there. Calling out his name can be the sexiest thing a man hears during sex, if it’s his name, of course. Don’t make a habit of screaming out a name during sex unless you’re certain you know what will come out of your mouth.

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Contrary to common belief, men do like to kiss — a lot. Sometimes even more so during sex. Avoiding eye contact and not puckering up in the heat of the moment are two surefire ways to kill the mood.

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Don’t hide those curves — he loves them. Sex just isn’t the same without sensual skin-on-skin contact. Lose the t-shirt or the lingerie and get into the moment.

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Women who feel insecure about their bodies are often fearful of getting naked if the lights aren’t out. Don’t be. If he likes what he sees, let him see it.