10 Fab Fitness and Food Apps

Need to get in shape or track your calories? There's an app for that! These top 10 digital tools will help you reach your goals.

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The Nike Training Club App has a seemingly endless archive of total body (as well as targeted) workouts that are killer! The coolest part? You’ll see guest trainers every once in awhile! Serena Williams is the current trainer of the month, so you can learn her favorite power moves right in the palm of your hand! Additionally, the Nike Run App will help you, through its GPS and mapping system, keep track of your distance and times. Extremely motivating to watch your improvement over time!

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Not interested in changing your lifestyle to Vegan/Vegetarian but still in need of information on how to eat healthier? Jess Dang has all of the recipes you’ll ever need! Not only will she teach you how to make better food choices in the kitchen via printable recipes and YouTube tutorials, but she also creates weekly meal plans sent straight to your email! A personal chef right in your inbox! And no worries, she has every possible diet, allergy and food preference covered!

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Follow Cassey Ho as she trains your body weekly via YouTube! What makes her stand out over the other trainers online? She also gives incredible nutrition advice! Everything from how to get killer abs to teaching you how to make delicious pancakes with only 2 fresh and all-natural ingredients. What more could you ask for?

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We discussed Nike Run, which helps you track your mileage, but what about an app that actually creates a running schedule for you? A lot of people want to become better runners but are unsure of where to start. Couch To 5K will set a weekly pace that will have you running 3 miles in no time!

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Interested in cooking healthier meals without compromising taste and culture? Try watching Wendy & Jess as they use all-natural and clean ingredients to whip up everything from Vegetarian Soulfood to guilt-free drinks and desserts! Their main site has printable instructions while their YouTube Channel has the video tutorials for each recipe. Win win!

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Confused by nutrition labels? Unsure of which grocery items are actually good for you? The fooducate mobile app, created by a team of dieticians and concerned parents, will break everything down for you as soon as you scan the item’s barcode! The good, the bad and the ugly. The coolest part? It will show you a healthier alternative if the item is not a good food choice. It’s like having your very own nutritionist walking down each aisle with you. An easier, smarter and healthier way to shop!

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Now that we’ve got your fitness plans and meals covered, what about some yummy smoothie ideas? Jadah and Jen have endless recipes, all ranging from smoothies that help you fight acne to aiding in weight loss! The absolute coolest way to get your daily serving of fresh fruit and greens!

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MarC is awesome because she trains you while also giving you much needed beauty advice! A lot of us are unsure of the proper ways to maintain fresh and healthy hair while also constantly working out! MarC, and her beautiful crown of natural hair, is the weekly motivation needed to know it can totally be done!

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This app will customize a workout for you based on how much time you have and which areas you’re trying to target. Only have 8 min and want to get a great leg workout today? Sworkit will tell you exactly what to do to ensure those 8 minutes are completely effective!

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This site is incredible because you can build a customized long-term (or short-term!) workout plan based on your personal stats and fitness goals. It’s like having a daily personal trainer for free! And without leaving the comfort of your living-room!

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