The 10 Best Places to Meet a Man

The 10 Best Places to Meet a Man
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 25, 2012

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Looking to ditch all the Mr. Wrongs you’ve met lately in favor or Mr. Right? Modern Day Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson says knows where you can find him. (Get ready to take notes!) Here’s is list of the top 10 places you’ll meet a good man.

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Studies show less than 15% of men buy clothes online, therefore, it is reasonable to think that a men’s store would be a good choice. I specifically point out a men’s ‘clothing’ store because studies also show most single men shop alone — leaving women a much higher likelihood to approach and get his contact information… but, I’ll save my thoughts about women approaching men for another blog post.

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I travel from DC to NYC frequently and have personally witnessed a gold mine of men in my state-to-state excursions. Men hand out business cards like one of those people handing out free Bourbon chicken at the food court in the malls. The fact that these men are on the train and not a bus (no disrespect to my Mega Bus friends because you’ll catch me riding it on occasion) is a good sign…unemployed folks don’t take the train across the state line.

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Hate it or love it, 1 out of 5 committed relationships are a result of an online dating site. As a power user of several online dating sites myself, I can tell you that even though many people say online dating sucks… it really doesn’t, nothing is wrong with online dating tools. What does suck is how many people use sites not best suited for their needs or don’t spend enough time using the tools provided. Used effectively, online dating delivers results — over 500,000 people who marry each year as a result would agree.

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It is important to emphasize “weight room” and not just the gym, in general. Women work out just as frequently (if not more frequently) as men. So next time you’re working out, walk over to the free weight area and no matter what gym you’re in, you’ll see that the ratio jumps to 1 billion men to 1 woman -– bingo! Even if you’re not interested in what you see, there is nothing wrong with a little friendly flirting… just say “who can spot me?” and you’ll have your pick!

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I have several friends who work for Mr. Jobs and the data I hear is very compelling. In just one store in New York City, over the course of only one year, 4 marriages and 12 commitment relationships were reported – that’s better odds than most online dating sites! Once you go Mac you don’t go back!

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If it starts with a “W” -– it’s a good look! Whole Foods, Wegmans, Winning Mart (Charlie Sheen’s grocer). Traditionally, supermarkets have been named as great grounds for meeting single guys. Take that a step further and frequent the aisles at high-end grocery stores and you’re likely to find a good catch. Anyone spending that much money on groceries is serious about their health, most likely lifestyle and he can probably cook!

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This one is simply about math, a big event means big attendance. With big attendance comes more men to meet. The added bonus is that annual events tend to pull people that normally don’t ‘go out’ so that big attendance is also a unique attendance. I have several married friends that met at annual events.

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As we know from the hit movie “Social Network,” the origin of the biggest online destination in the world, was simply a dating site. I personally use Facebook to match clients and have been very effective. 1 of my 2 marriages as matchmaker came from an initial Facebook introduction. However, the tricky part with Facebook, just like with online dating sites, is how the tools are used.

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The most requested characteristics in a man I hear (outside of height) are ambition and achievement. Let’s face it, a smart man is a sexy man. A top location is an academic setting, whether it’s undergrad, grad, a continuing education class or a visit to the campus library. I met my wife on a university campus!

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When we volunteer, we dedicate our time towards our passions and values. There is no better qualifier to meet “Mr. Right” than our values. There is no better expression of your values than the giving of your time. I so strongly believe in this concept that I have started organizing massive school rebuild projects called Give Love Get Love. The purpose is to bring singles together to volunteer time and connect with like-minded individuals.

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Where did you meet your man? Have you had zero luck in one of these places? Do you think there should be other places on my list? You’ve got question, and I’ve got answers. Find me on <a href=“ target=_new>Facebook or ”!/paulcbrunson" target=_new>Twitter any time.