10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 9

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 9
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 09, 2012

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Still pursuing her dream to be a crossover songwriter, Kandi travels to Nashville to visit country star Jo Dee Messina. She pens a song that doesn’t quite work for Jo, but ever resilient, Kandi declares she “won’t give up” on the learning process. A friend officially introduces Kandi to the world of country with a cowboy hat and boots. He also provides the sales man with a lesson on a Black woman’s hair.

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Upset by Peter’s disappearance on the night of the opening of her modeling school, Cynthia confronts her hubby during what is supposed to be their date night. Unfortunately, Peter is pretty unapologetic. Their problem? Communication.

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Ah, how lovely it must be to own Versace china. Kim Zolciak’s belongings have class written all over them. As the diva and her family continue their move into their mini mansion, we really get to see daughter Brielle in teenager mode. Not interested in all the hard work it takes to unpack, she’s much more amused by the texts from her friends.

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A year into their marriage, and Cynthia and Peter’s union is on the rocks. The couple gets marriage counseling from the pastor who married them that fateful day at the zoo last year. Peter does little to help the situation when he initially refuses to say what he loves about his lovely wife. Ouch! Thankfully the couple hugs it out later.

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Nene meets up with Marlo Hampton to clear the air and talk about her alleged affair with Charles Grant. NeNe maintains that the NFL player never saw her “hello kitty.” Marlo accepts this and off to shop for size 41 and 42 “red bottoms” they go.

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During her lunch with NeNe, Marlo Thomas reveals her criminal past, including being arrested seven times. Say what now? The socialite explains that five of the arrests were from violation of probation after she got into “an altercation with a young lady in a club.” Now what about those other two?

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Sheree heads over to Kim’s to help the new mom get back into shape. There are planks, juicing and lots of “resistance” (not training) from Kim. If her fashion and acting career don’t pan out, Sheree definitely has a calling in personal training.

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Determined to get Apollo on board in the funeral business, Phaedra takes her hubby to Willie Watkins’ Funeral Home for a tour of the embalming room. Is it us or did Phaedra seem more nervous about the dead bodies than Apollo?

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Marlo invites NeNe to a super upscale fund-raiser event. NeNe is ever gracious but she aint’ buying nobody’s $25,000 earrings.

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Sweet relief! After planting a wet one on Phaedra, Apollo finally agrees to join her in the fabulous funeral business. But he’s not touching any dead bodies.


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# News