10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 12

10 Best Moments from 'RHOA' Episode 12
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 30, 2012

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The scene was right out of the film, “Coming to America.” Only instead of Prince Akeem and Seemi touting huge designer luggage out of the airport, it was besties Marlo Hampton and NeNe Leakes who clearly packed way more that they needed for their 10-day trip.

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Marlo Hampton gives the ladies etiquette lessons on the bus ride from the airport to the hotel. The diva schools the ladies on how to sit and the importance of handing over salt AND pepper when asked for salt at the dinner table. NeNe finds it charming. Sheree has her own etiquette tip for Marlo: “Shut up.”

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All settled at their hotel, the ladies must now decide who will share a room with whom. Sheree jokes that she, Phaedra and Nene should share a room. Awkward silence. Thankfully she’s just kidding and we finally get a laugh out of NeNe (whew). It was a hopeful moment.

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Phaedra presents each of the (original) ladies silver inscribed mirrors as a keepsake for their trip to the motherland. As Marlo looks on wondering where her mirror is, Phaedra reminds her that awkward moments happen with people (like NeNe) decide to bring a “plus-one” on a 10-day international trip. Looks like she’s setting her own set of etiquette rules.

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Even in the motherland the ladies can’t seem to stop talking about each other. The group is split up between the Talls (NeNe, Cynthia and Marlo) vs. the Smalls (Kandi, Sheree, Phaedra), and the gossiping never ends.

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On a yacht ride around Cape Town, there’s little talk about Nelson Mandela or South African apartheid between the ladies. But there’s plenty talk about their petty rivalries. The ladies try to clear the air about who doesn’t like who, and for what reason. “At least Kandi mentioned apartheid but the other ladies, they have no desire to talk about African history,” says Phaedra.

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Down below the yacht Marlo suggests the ladies air out all their differences. NeNe thinks Phaedra doesn’t like her. Pheadra didn’t trust Cynthia until their double date. Marlo thinks Kandi is a phony. Its hard to keep up with who has issues with who, but at least the ladies try to talk things out.

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All alone in ATL without her boobs and her babies, Kim invites her parents over to help out with dinner. Her dad shares that with Kroy, she’s the happiest he’s seen her in 33 years. Aaaw!

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Phaedra finally admits to Sheree and Kandi that she has no problem with Nene, but she ain’t no "booty licker” like some of Nene’s other friends. Wonder if she’s talking about Cynthia?

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Lawd, why did Sheree go and invite only Phaedra and Kandi to her friend’s party? NeNe and Cynthia don’t particularly care, but Marlo is plenty upset and decides to confront about the party…and her habit of returning clothes to Neiman Marcus? What that has to do with the party on hand is still unclear, but the discussion quickly turns into a heated (and embarrassing) battle of “who’s more trifling?” Jabs about Marlo dating an 80 year-old man for money and Sheree’s bills and pseudo luxury lifestyle are thrown.


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