If anything at all, last year gave more than enough time to invest in our beauty routine. After all, hours at end in your home can turn you into an expert of pretty much anything. 2020 allowed beauty mavens to experiment with their look and in 2021, there’s no telling what trends may resurface.

Kicking off the year with a bit of nostalgia and bringing back a fun hairstyle is Rihanna. The mogul took to her Instagram to post a few fashion flicks posing in a chic black mullet. The hair look consist of a chopped bang in the front with a long shoulder length back. This is not the first time RiRi has sported a mullet, as the entertainer is best known for pulling off style moments that pay homage to the past. While the “Rude Boy” performer was emerging as a style icon in 2013, this was a common look she would sport.

Beauty trends are usually led by fashion shows and street style, but with the pandemic postponing what spearheaded trends, social media has been a huge factor in calling out what will be popular this year. Yesterday, Keke Palmer took to Instagram to showcase her look going into the new year which also happened to be a version of the retro hairstyle “I truly love this,” one user wrote while another said, “It’s a LOOK.”

As we’ve seen hairstyles transition through decades the mullet is making its return, and Black women are showcasing a look that we hardly had any representation in. In the celebration of a new year, here’s to another hairstyle that Black women are predicting will make its way back into mainstream style routines.

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