Designers At New York Fashion Week Look To A Future Day 2
Photo credit: Louise Messinga

As designers grow ready to ramp up the creativity again after slow points brought on by COVID-19, there is an overall sense of unanimous hope at New York Fashion Week. Yesterday, collections presented by Black designers seemed to have a consumer in mind — one who’s ready to put down the sweat sets and get dressed in due time.

Of course, there are the elements of elevated leisure present: roomy silk pieces, textured biker shorts, faux fur pullovers, and dresses apt for both a day in the sun and lounging at home. Colors were vivid, and textures were experiential. Below, here’s the rundown on yesterday’s New York Fashion Week presentations.

Kimberly Goldson

With the presentation of Kimberly Gold’s Pre Fall 2021 collection, the message is simultaneously inconspicuous, yet abundantly clear: Black designers have been here all along. A response to the sudden widespread movement of championing Black designers stemming from last June, the collection is largely centered around an abstract print in which brand’s logo is cleverly embedded — co-founder and designer Goldson’s interpretation of Black-owned brands being “hidden in plain sight.”

Dur Doux

The setting of Dur Doux’s Eclairage-“Illumination” collection reveal is just as grand as its garments. Fun, youthful, and sassy, Dur Doux’s latest collection poses the idea of relaxed luxury, as is fitting for the current climate. The biggest colors of the season, yellow and chocolate brown, rest at the heart of the collection, elevated with silk and faux fur fabrics, and exaggerated animal prints.

Kevan Hall

Kevan Hall’s Luxe Leisure Collection surely has everyone ready for their next girl trip. The collection pulls from the hope for a near post-pandemic future when friends can again enjoy one another’s presence, boasting what can only be described as the ultimate resortwear. The collection dips into an array of hues rather than focusing on any one color palette, it’s joyful brightness again signaling for hope in fashion. Its 19 looks are composed almost entirely of gowns and airy dresses, save for a bold blue power suit, complete with feminine florals and bursts of yellow, pink and purple.

Frederick Anderson

In an ode to ‘70s NYC style, Frederick Anderson’s Fall 2021 Collection feels ideal for anyone itching to get dressed again. There’s an embrace of tailored, luxury denim, there’s statement, oversized knit tops and fitted crochet dresses, there’s textured suit sets and there’s color-blocked satin. Couple this with the collections’ vivacious hues and funky fabrics, and you can almost feel the day you’ll step out into the city wearing these pieces.