25 Fashion-Forward African Women You Should Be Following

From millennials to hot moms, we’ve gathered a list of beautiful African women who showcase their style with confidence and grace. Be sure to follow these trendsetters for style inspo that you can use for all seasons. 

Ezinne Mgbeahuruike Sep, 13, 2016

1 of 25 @mariamaduke/Instagram

Mariam of NineToMiles.com is fun, creative and imaginative when it comes to her style. The Nigerian stylist is known for being edgy and unpredictable with her outfits, some of which she actually creates.

2 of 25 @fisayolonge/Instagram

Fisayo Longe of Mirror Me is the definition of chic. We love watching her effortlessly transform her look from day to day.

3 of 25 @simplycyn/Instagram

Cynthia, also known as SimplyCin, is a Nigerian fashionista with a bold style and love for traveling.

4 of 25 @shirleybeniang/Instagram

Ghanaian blogger Shirley Eniang is a pro at giving simple pieces a sophisticated touch.

5 of 25 @erykahachebe/Instagram

What immediately stands out about Erykah is her execution of vintage meets modern. Her high top fade is also #hairgoals.

6 of 25 @iamdodos_style/Instagram

Nigerian blogger Dodos Uvieghara’s style is elegant and fun. She also reminds us that those basic pieces are essential to any wardrobe.

7 of 25 @faarrow/Instagram

The Canadian singing group Farrow turn heads with their voices and style. The Angolan beauties make playful fashion choices and bounce so well off of each other.

8 of 25 @stylebyada/Instagram

Ada is truly a one-woman show as she works behind and in front of the camera. And her style is obviously unmatched.

9 of 25 @missenocha/Instagram

Need help putting a simple outfit together? Ask Miss Enocha. The Los Angeles-based blogger has always been consistent with her street-style looks and her photography lends the perfect amount of edge.

10 of 25 @dumsy_/Instagram

Nigerian designer Andrea Iyamah is renowned for her swimwear line, “Andrea Iyamah” and an impeccable style that is elegant, classy and mature.

11 of 25 @kiabe/Instagram

The South African blogger’s style aesthetic is simple but edgy. Love it!

12 of 25 @laylahstyle/Instagram

Sisters Kay and Cari are renowned for making neutral pieces look straight off the runway. We’re obsessed with their expertly curated Instagram account.

13 of 25 @melissaswardrobe/Instagram

Ghanaian blogger Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe is a stylist, whose one-of-a-kind fashion sense also extends to interior decoration.

14 of 25 @t2pitchy/Instagram

Nigerian blogger Grace Alex never shies away from self-expression. She’s versatile, creative and full of stylish surprises.

15 of 25 @samyjovalentine/Instagram

Sexy, confident and chic are just the right words to describe Samyjo Valentine. T If you need ideas on how to piece your random purchases together, she’s the fashionista to follow.

16 of 25 @skinnyhipster/Instagram

Tumblr uses are already familiar with the “skinny hipster” Nifesemi. The newlywed has been blogging for years and her style has evolved along with her lifestyle.

17 of 25 @styleenthusiast/Instagram

StyleEnthusiast’s androgynous style is unmatched. She’s also one of the few bloggers that captures her own photography.

18 of 25 @natashandlovu/Instagram

Model and digital influencer Natasha Ndlovu exudes elegance and confidence with every outfit she wears.

19 of 25 @titispassion/Instagram

Nigerian blogger Titilola knows how to do mommy-chic. The mother of one consistently slays with inspo for who share her busy lifestyle.

20 of 25 @styleismything/Instagram

The Angolan blogger has a knack for rocking dramatic ensembles. Her crisp photography make perusing her style updates that much more exciting.

21 of 25 @jadorefashion/Instagram

Nigerian fashion blogger Stella Uzo is always on trend, thanks to her love of bold prints and vibrant colors

22 of 25 @yoliswa_xo/Instagram

What we love about Yoliswa’s style is how fearless she is. Unafraid to push the boundaries, the South African blogger uses clean photography to elevate her minimalist style.

23 of 25 @sai.sankoh/Instagram

Sai just stands out of any crowd she’s in. Her style is graceful, sexy and effortless.

24 of 25 @uzypaws/Instagram

British Nigerian blogger @uzypaws is a must follow on instagram. The young creative and natural hair enthusiast knows how to make brands like Zara, H&M, and Asos look high end.

25 of 25 @lufunolove/Instagram

We can’t stop obsessing over Lufuno Sathekge’s crazy, sexy, cool style. The wardrobe stylist and marketing expert is never afraid to make unconventional outfit choices.