ESSENCE Fashion House: June Ambrose On The Art Of Unapologetic Style
Photo: Paige Ricks

At ESSENCE Fashion House NYC, attendees took a step into the ‘Juneiverse’ with an exclusive masterclass from legendary style maven June Ambrose. The notable stylist, author and self-professed “rockmom” began her career in the investment industry and soon realized that a simple nine to five wouldn’t complete her. June’s quick-witted nature and natural business savvy saw her jump head first into the game, snagging an internship with Uptown/MCA Records—a position that ultimately helped kick off what would become a decades-long career in fashion.

Speaking to a packed audience, Ambrose offered several key tips for honing in your personal style and reveling in unapologetically. “Your fashion foundation should speak to who you are,” she explained, noting your personality should dictate the fashion staples that will help you build a fabulous and functional wardrobe for the longterm.

“Your fashion foundation should speak to who you are.”

Paige Ricks

Emphasizing the importance of mixing items from different price points to make your look come to life and the importance of taking risks with your style, Ambrose shared that one of her biggest styling gems is to always have a punctuation piece. “My turban is my new crown and a punctuation to my look,” she added.

The discussion closed out with a brief Q&A, during which the fashion expert shed light on the importance of unplugging and letting your mind be still. When one attendee asked, “What was your last exercise?” Ambrose playfully responded, “Learning to be quiet!”

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