‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Reunion, Part Four: Restoration Service
The problem with lying, is that almost always, it requires more lying to cover up the original lie. No one should understand this more than Phaedra Parks after an emotionally exhausting final The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion episode that had everyone looking to her for answers. We picked up where things left off, with Porsha Williams admitting that Phaedra was the one who told her that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker wanted to “drug and rape” her during the ninth season. “Something was brought to me, I repeated it,” Phaedra said when asked by Andy Cohen about the lie. To which Porsha began to get emotional. “No, you told me she [Kandi] said it to you!”       “Phaedra, tell me what’s going on?! Phaedra, why would you tell me that? Do you know how crazy you have me looking in these streets?!” a crying Porsha said. Kandi, who was visibly angry, stepped off the stage before all the ladies took a break to get themselves together. What we learned from the ten-minute break was that Porsha felt like a pawn used by Phaedra, Kenya Moore believed there were more lies to uncover (she was right), Todd and Kandi were disgusted by Phaedra’s behavior, and Andy was just “shocked” that an attorney would make up lies. Truth be told, so were we as Phaedra should know better about spreading defamatory lies. Nonetheless… Off camera Phaedra told Porsha that she wanted to keep her safe, which is why she told her the drug-rape lie. On camera, in between sitting silently, Phaedra said, “I don’t remember saying that” and “I just repeated what I was said [by someone else]”— never trying owning up to the lie. But Porsha contended on three occasions she was told by Phaedra that Kandi wanted to drug and rape her— two days before she confronted Kandi, a couple of weeks ago and a few days before the reunion was taped. “You continuously throughout this whole situation made sure I knew that she said that straight out of her mouth,” Porsha said to Phaedra. “And that’s why I’m sitting here pissed with you. And I don’t want your apology right now.” And while all the crying and apologies happened, Kandi put the lies into perspective. “Y’all know how much I care about my businesses and my brand,” Kandi said, noting that people were using the hashtag “Bill Cosby” on her Instagram page. “I can’t believe you were holding all that [the lies] in, and you wanted to restore us.” To make matters worse, Kenya also asked about the sex dungeon, the threesomes and the “Marvin” lie about Todd cheating on Kandi with women in New York City.   Phaedra owned up to those lies as well. The only positive thing to come from this —aside from Kandi shouting out Angela Stanton— was Porsha seeing the truth about Phaedra and apologizing to Kandi/Cynthia/Kenya about all the lies and fights in the past. Other than that, we were left speechless and saddened. Luckily, Twitter wasn’t. Hopefully next season, with or without Phaedra, the ladies can mend wounds.