Writer, producer, Shots Fired


Credentials: Well-known director Prince-Bythewood wrote and helmed Love  & Basketball, Beyond the Lights and The Secret Life of Bees. On March 22 she heads to television with the ten-part Fox series Shots Fired, which she created with her husband, Reggie Rock Bythewood. "Shots Fired focuses on corruption that's uncovered after two teens are shot in North Carolina," she says. "Sadly, the epidemic of police shootings continues to be relevant. It's the civil rights issue of our time."

A good sport: "I was a shy kid, but playing sports broke me out of my shell. Having athletic success still influences who I am."

The highest high: "After Love & Basketball screened at Sundance, there was dead silence then applause and a standing ovation. It was beautiful."


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The talented director will be the first Black woman to helm a big budget superhero film. 

Sydney Scott
May, 25, 2017

The Marvel Universe has added another famed director to its roster.

Deadline reports that Love & Basketball’s Gina Prince-Bythewood will helm the studio’s upcoming Spider-Man spin-off based on Silver Sable & Black Cat. The famed director will be the first Black woman to helm a big budget superhero movie. 

Bythewood’s recent project, Shots Fired, recently wrapped up its limited run. The director co-created the show with her husband, director and writer Reggie Rock Bythewood. 

Silver Sable and Black Cat are two beloved characters in the Spider-Man series. Black Cat is an acrobatic cat burglar, while Silver Sable is a mercenary hunting down war criminals. 

Bythewood is the latest female director to join Sony’s push for more representation behind the camera. Michelle MacLaren will helm The Nightingale, while Elizabeth Banks will direct the latest Charlie’s Angels

Bythewood also joins Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins as the latest female director to helm a superhero film.