Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to Air ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ Documentary on HBO

As part of his partnership with HBO, Dwayne Johnson is bringing a new documentary to the small screen, Variety reports.

Rock and a Hard Place will explore the prison boot camps of Miami-Dade county and chronicle the experiences of the incarcerated youths who are granted a second chance. Johnson will appear in the documentary and serve as a producer.

The project will capture the lives of the teens over the course of a six-month boot camp program. They are pushed to the limit by a drill sergeant who encourages them to learn from mistakes and become positive members of society.

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The former wrestler, famously known as “The Rock,” has never been shy about his troubled past and hopes the documentary will inspire young offenders who face long prison sentences to change their ways.

“By the time I was 16, I had been arrested eight or nine times for a variety of things, and [I] can relate to what these kids are going through,” he said in statement.

Rock and a Hard Place will air on HBO in May.