Britni Danielle
Feb, 12, 2018

As we all wait with baited breath for the release of Marvel’s Black Panther, one artist decided to reimagine the film’s poster with children.

London-based Nigerian visual artist Àsìkò was commissioned by Looks Like Me, a talent agency that aims to redefine beauty and raise the profile of underrepresented groups in the United Kingdom.

Though he was hesitant to work with children, Àsìkò lept at the chance to riff on Black Panther because it was one of his favorite comic books as a child.

“As a kid who read comics Black Panther was one of the very few Black superheroes I came across,” he wrote on Instagram. “For a child, it is a beautiful thing to see yourself represented in a positive light in pop culture.”

“What is also great is that it’s a hero steeped in culture and heritage and not drug deals or street thugging,” Àsìkò added. “[Ryan Coogler] and [Marvel Studios] have made a film that is part of the positive narrative changing views of Africa and the Black race and boy does it matter.”

Black Panther opens February 16 and has already brought in millions in pre-sale tickets — in addition to campaigns for children around the world to see the film in their local theaters.