19 Times The Game and His Children Were Seriously the Cutest

California rapper The Game may be known for his hip hop hits, but it's his devotion to his three beautiful children, King Justice Taylor, Harlem Caron Taylor, and California Dream Taylor, that truly warms our hearts. Just look at his sweetest fatherhood moments. Feels!

Lauren Porter Aug, 18, 2016

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The Game brought his daughter and "co-host" California Dream Taylor to the Los Angeles premiere of Kubo and the Two Strings.

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Too fly for words!

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"Sitting beside my beautiful co-host," wrote The Game. "Wouldn't wanna be anywhere else in the world."

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"I truly will never understand how any man can be absent in their child's life. The energy, the love & motivation I get from being in her presence alone is enough to keep me right where she needs me to be, in this lifetime & the next," The Game wrote.

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Beautiful beach days involve smooches from dad!

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Just a casual day at the beach!

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The Game's first son Harlem was born in 2003. How cute!

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Nothing better than sealing a daddy-daughter date than with a kiss!

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The Game is a big hometown Lakers fan. Baby Justice got in on the courtside action early!

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"When she asks to take a selfie, there's only one answer: ABSOLUTELY!," the rapper, born Jayceon Taylor captioned this picture with his daughter Cali. We couldn't agree more!

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"Sometimes it's like looking in the mirror with this one," The Game captioned this photo. "What am I gonna do with this kid lol...I love my son!"

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The Game proudly takes little Cali on "dates" and in this instance, their coordination is actually adorable.

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Game certainly has not one but two mini me's who have their dad's gorgeous smile.

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Fun times at the park with dear old dad!

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"I will put it ALL on the line for her," the father of three wrote about his only little girl. "I hope the day never comes where my LOVE for this child is tested !!! #DaddyGang"

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"Saturday swaggin' wit my rya," the rapper wrote.

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"3 reasons I do it & he was the 1st one. #LikeFatherLikeSon," Game wrote as this photo caption.

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Sitting court side? Life is good!

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You can tell Cali has her dad wrapped around her finger!


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