AGE: 33

ROLE CALL: HBO's Insecure

UP NEXT: Developing her own series, First Gen


WHY SHE MAKES THE GRADE: Making people laugh has become second nature to Insecure's Orji, who got her start in comedy more than ten years ago when she entered a beauty pageant but found herself lacking in the talent portion of the competition. Enter stand-up. "Comedy was my gateway drug to acting," she says. And Orji's gamble is paying off. In addition to playing Issa Rae's character's bestie, Molly, on the hit HBO show, the actress has her own semiautobiographical project in the works called First Gen, detailing what it means to grow up Nigerian American. (Psst! David Oyelowo has signed on as an executive producer.) More important, she hopes her newfound fame will propel other Black actresses forward: "I would like to be in the position, like Issa, to give the next wave of up-and-coming talent an opportunity."

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During a quick game of ‘F—k, Marry, Kill’, Orji admitted she’d definitely marry Sterling K. Brown’s Lionel and 'take down’ Lawrence.

Sydney Scott
Aug, 09, 2017

Yvonne Orji’s Molly is one of our favorite fictional besties. 

The Insecure character is always there to share a little realness with her best friend Issa (Issa Rae), so when Orji stopped by Complex to dish on the show’s second season, things got very real during a game of ‘F—k, Marry, Kill.’

Comparing the show’s characters Lawrence (Jay Ellis), Lionel (Sterling K. Brown), and Daniel (Y’lan Noel), Orji admitted she’d marry Lionel, hook up with Daniel, and take down Lawrence. “Lawrence, you’re definitely going down,” Orji said, “especially after you did what you did to Tasha.”

Spoilers ahead! 

If you’re all caught up on season two of Insecure, you know that Lawrence and Tasha’s situationship took a turn for the worst during Tasha’s family cookout. Lawrence’s nice-guy mask slipped a bit and now the world knows that he’s no good.

“All she wanted was for you to come to her barbecue,” Orji added. “You could have said no, Lawrence. Use your words."