She Ain’t Finished: Mo’Nique Explains Devastating Fallout With Oprah Winfrey
Michael Rowe

On Monday, we reported on Mo’Nique calling out Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels at the Apollo in regards to them hurting her career. And despite the backlash, she’s at it again.

First, the 49-year-old did a Periscope podcast show with her husband in which she addressed the ‘suck a d–k’ comments she made to the three aforementioned people. 

“I am unapologetic to what I said to Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels,” she said on her podcast, addressing people in Hollywood who suggested she apologize and move forward.

Mo’Nique then cleared up why she felt animosity towards them— particularly Winfrey who she felt dismembered her family by having her brother, who sexually assaulted her, on The Oprah Winfrey Show with her parents. 

“I shared with Oprah Winfrey that me and my mother were not on good terms,” the comedian said. 

“I said to that sister, ‘Right now I’m really going through it, it’s really bad.’… Had Oprah said to me, ‘I have your mother.’ I would have shut that s–t down. Because I don’t want the world seeing my mother, being so greedy over money, that she’s willing to do anything to go on your show.”

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A couple of days later, the Oscar winner did another standup show and addressed the podcast confession and subsequent phone call she received from Perry.

“I said, ‘Yo. I want to thank you for calling because most ni–as won’t call.’ Oprah and Lee ain’t call yet,” she shared. “Because them motherf—ers know, we gotta have a conversation. But Tyler Perry called up and when he called up he said, ‘I watched your podcast and I saw your pain.’ I said, ‘Ni–a that’s not pain. That’s called honesty. Don’t get it confused.’

It’s understandable that a public shame would explain a public feud. But at this point, since all of this stems from 2008, everyone involved should probably have an off-camera talk about how to amend and move on.


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