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I'm Charreah Jackson, Essence senior editor. And today we have in the studio hip hop legend, our sister friend, Miss MC Lyte. Hey! Welcome, welcome. We know her as Lyte as a rock. But today we have an Essence exclusive. MC Lyte is Lyte has a rock. She's officially engaged. I am. Congratulations. Thank you. Show the people, show the people. Hello, hi! Hello! [MUSIC] It was just ver a year ago at the Wealth Experience, Women's Empowerment Conference down in Miami you said I'm ready for love, and we prayed over you to have a yummy hubby, and a year later here you are so talk about what [INAUDIBLE] is the places that you know when I am ready For love. Goodness well, just be in alone, being single in Los Angeles California, that is a hard thing to do for black woman. To date and it be authentic and true. And so I think when you're present and you're aware, it opens you up. So I met my fiance online. That's incredible, I think it's beautiful for any woman to find love, but you also are. [UNKNOWN] So how have you been able to build that into a solid relationship now, that you're getting ready for marriage? Well he didn't live too far, which was great. And he's actually from New York, so that's even better. And then everything else Is in the book. [LAUGH] Yes, this is her new book,Your Man and Your Money, which you co-wrote with Lynn Richardson, your incredible business partner. Yes. And we know, for a lot of women, these are the stressors, our money and our men, and especially we know there are many women who Have achieved so much professionally that we might make more or be further along in our career. So what do you think is the biggest mistake that we as women make when it comes to our men and our money? To me, had I had it to do all over again I probably would have built the foundation for really strong relationship first. Prior to MC Lyte. Getting whisked away with all that MC Lyte is, it took me away from the reality of how important it is to have a significant other. And so I would just advise all of the women out there that have their paper straight, and not the man You know to start to pay attention to that. Put some energy into our love lives. Right. And then you now, vice versa. What would you say has been the biggest lesson you've learned in this journey of opening yourself up? Because I think as someone who's seen it it's been profound. Like wow, one year you're like, I'm ready for love and the next year you're sitting on the couch with your boo with a new book out and I said well hello, it worked. So, So what would you share for us? Just to bring the best you, and to work on yourself continuously, you know. And then also to be open. There's so much baggage that we bring from other relationships. And when did, for you, did you know, like this is my person? Boy. It was one day while we were talking, and I kind of looked in his eyes, and I was like, my god, it's So much honesty and truth in his eyes. My biggest thing with dating ever was the ability to be vulnerable. And with him, I could totally just let go and be my Myself. What do you love most about him? You're so cute in love. [LAUGH] You're like everything's so cute in love. I didn't expect you to be all blushing over here. [LAUGH] It's a lot of things that I love about him. But I love his laugh and I love his candor and I love his eyes. HIs eyes, I feel like I could look in to them for eternity. All right. Well, you heard it here first at Essence. Congratulations Light. Light as a rock. [LAUGH] Light as a rock. [LAUGH]

ESSENCE Exclusive: MC Lyte Is Engaged!

“I met my fiancé online,” Lyte reveals to ESSENCE, exclusively


MC Lyte is engaged!

The iconic rapper shared the news with ESSENCE during an intimate chat about finding love after years spent as a single woman. Lyte also reveals that she met her fiancé, John, online—fans can get all the details in her Your Man & Your Money.

“My biggest thing with dating was the ability to be vulnerable,” Lyte adds. “With [John] I can totally just let go and be myself.

Earlier this year, Lyte debuted her new relationship on Instagram in a heart-warming post. 

“What can I say, except thank you Lord!! … It’s been a long time, this single life, and I thank you all for your prayers and kind words of hope,” she wrote. “God has sent me true love. For all of you waiting on LOVE- don’t give up – keep God first and he will see that you meet your match.”