16 Unbelievably Sexy Photos Of 'Luke Cage' Star Mike Colter (You're Welcome!)

Now that Netflix's hot new Marvel drama Luke Cage is dominating your queue, we know there's only one thing on your mind: Could star Mike Colter be any hotter? Move over, Superman, Colter's swagalicious ways of saving the day have officially won us over. Who's with us? From his smooth chocolate skin to his beautifully chiseled physique, we present all of the Mike Colter photos your day can't go without.

Charli Penn Oct, 04, 2016

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Super talented actor Colter, 39, owns the screen as Harlem superhero to the rescue, Luke Cage. If he didn't have your attention before, we bet he has it now. Look at this face and find a flaw. We dare you!

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With that smooth skin, those carved arms and that mysterious swag, it's no secret why Colter is an instant heartbreaker.

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is what everyone’s talking about: On the show, Colter's hunky superhero Luke Cage brings the heat with steamy sex scenes fans can't stop talking about.

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This is love.

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Whether he's rocking a casual tee or a tailored suit, there's no stopping Colter's sexiness.

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If you ask us, second only to his mesmerizing presence onscreen, Colter's muscles are truly the real scene stealers.

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Don't you just love a bald and beautiful brother? Can we get an amen?

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There’s something about the way Colter effortlessly captivates onscreen that leaves us wondering just one thing: Can this man do any wrong?

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We know who we'll call when we need saving. Colter's Luke Cage is bullet proof and super strong.

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Before his role on Jessica Jones, Colter was best know for playing Lemond Bishop in the television series The Good Wife, Malcolm Ward in Ringer.

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Colter is no stranger to the big screen. He has appeared in Million Dollar Baby, Zero Dark Thirty, and Men In Black 3.

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Anyone want a set visit as bad as we do?

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Colter is the kind of brother who will make your heart skip a beat with just one look.

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Oh, hey gorgeous!

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Colter hails from Columbia, South Carolina. We're all about this Southern sweetheart and his seasoned acting chops. Admit it, you are too.

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Heaven help us, this man comes far too close to perfection for any woman to handle.