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Kehlani Reveals Her Child’s Father Is Her Guitarist

The singer recently set the record straight.
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Last week when Kehlani announced she was expecting a baby girl, many fans were scratching their heads wondering who the singer chose to start a family with. The singer recently set the record straight. In an exclusive interview on Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio, 23-year-old Kehlani shared that her partner and soon to be co-parent is Javie Young-White. Young-White is her guitarist, who she’s been exchanging affectionate social media messages publicly for months now. In fact, immediately after announcing her pregnancy, she commented “Hey Dad,” beneath one of his Instagram pictures. Kehlani also went into detail about what makes her relationship work and why she planned her pregnancy. “When I found out that I can get a break from touring because I’ve been primarily a touring artist, that’s when I planned for it for this time,” she said. “It was planned so we had a short time frame of having to actually have sex every day. And we were excited that it didn’t start feeling like a chore.” Outside of labeling him a loving and supportive partner, Kehani highlighted the similarities in their sexual orientations as one of the reasons she and Young-White were so well matched. “I started dating women before I ever dated men. Then I was lucky to find a partner who was a bisexual male. And he really understands my queerness and my fluidity, and I really understand his. It’s very awesome to be understood,” she explained.
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Kehlani is known for taking beauty risks that include vibrant hair colors and colorful makeup, so this bronzy glowy look was an unexpected surprise. 

Artists like Remy Ma and Cardi B have proven that motherhood doesn’t slow you down a musical career anymore, and Kehlani seems to be another example of a woman who still strives for success in her career. As soon as she found out she was going to be a mother, she hightailed it into the booth. “It was studio and pregnancy,” she said during the interview. “That’s been the most inspired I’ve ever been.” We’re wishing Kehlani and her growing family a lifetime of love and happiness.