Michael Rowe

#TravelingWhileBlack strikes again. 

Lauren Porter
Sep, 30, 2016

During their recent travels, Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker had a rather unfortunate hiccup in their plans: The Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently posted a rant on Instagram detailing an incident when the couple were unjustly removed from the plane while on their way to Hawaii.

"#HawaiianAirlines just kicked us off for no reason," she captioned a video retelling the incident. "This was so crazy & random! We were sitting in our seat & the gate ticketer came on & asked to see my ticket because it wasn't showing up in their system. I gave him my ticket but it had our baggage claim checks on the back. “He never brought it back & the plane started rolling off. I asked the flight attendant where was my ticket & told him I needed the baggage claim ticket just in case my bags didn't make the flight.”

After not receiving her ticket back, Kandi alledges that the pilot ultimately stepped in and asked both Kandi and Todd to exit the plane after "causing commotion."

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The Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter explained that the entire incident was "crazy and random."

“I barely said a word to that flight attendant,” she wrote. “Everybody sitting around us was like what are they talking about! This s--t is crazy.”

Season 9 of RHOA is set to take off November 6, detailing Kandi and Todd's life as new parentts with 9 month-old son, Ace Wells. The couple will also have to prepare for the return of the father of her 14-year-old daughter, Riley.