The messy breakup was documented on social media

Paula Rogo
Dec, 18, 2016

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have broken up...for now.

The lead up to the reality stars’ breakup this weekend has been a confusing roundabout rollercoaster that has us scratching our heads. Here is our “what you need to know” breakdown:

Blac Chyna was hacked
On Saturday night, Chyna’s instagram was hacked and the apparent hacker decides to spill the tea that Chyna was using Rob.

“Just to let you all know that’s not me on my IG page,' Chyna explained on her new IG account.
“That’s somebody that hacked me And somebody’s really, really, really, really, really mad.'

According to screengrabs posted online, Chyna was allegedly flirting with rapper Young Thug and making plans to trademark her name, Angela Renée Kardashian, for financial gain. (Remember that the Kardashian sisters had legally tried to stop Chyna from profiting off her Kardashian name once she married Rob. The hacker also also alleged that Chyna had designs on leaving Rob after a year. Their daughter Dream Kardashian was born last month.

Rob reacts to the leaks
An emotional Rob then took to his own social media to share his heartbreak over the leaks.

“Sorry to be so open but I'm not feeling so good after seeing @blacchyna messages about me and what her plans were. I have never been this heartbroken in my life,” he said. “And after reading Chyna's messages to her best friend she was going to drop me after a year. She didn't even make it to that. I am so broken. This is a woman I fought my entire family for. I was in love with this woman to the fullest and I was none of that to her."

Blac Chyna accuses Rob of being the hacker and explains why she left
Because everything must be shared with the world, Chyna also took to social media to confirm she had left Rob, as well as provide her own scathing review on what went wrong in their relationship. Some of her complaints include dealing with Rob’s mental issues and how she helped him, his verbal abuse and how he stressed her throughout her whole pregnancy, and having to swallow her pride to move into one of Kylie Jenner’s houses. She also accuses Rob of being the person who hacked her account.

“I have no longer have time to feed into Robert's shenanigans I have 2 children & myself to fend for,” she writes. “What hurts the most is watching him do this to me knowing my last situation and promising to never put me through it. Especially after our child is only 1 month. I hope he gets the medical help he needs. If you have ever dealt with a bipolar/depressed person you understand.”

Rob reacts to Chyna leaving
In a series of snapchat posts, Rob shows the world that Chyna not only left with Dream, but she took the whole house with her. From clearing out the nursery to taking all the Eggos from the freezer, she left nothing for him

Social media reacts
The internet, of course, had mixed reactions, vacillating between watching the live train wreck and doubting whether to even believe it. Especially because the couple's new "Rob & Chyna: Baby Special" conveniently premieres Sunday night.


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😩 but she took the baby also and she took my eggos and my chips and my sweet baby rays BBQ sauce

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But the memes have been hilarious, some of which Rob posted on his own page: