Hey, Boy! These Were Your Ultimate 80s and 90s Guy Crushes

Happy throwback Thursday. To celebrate, we're taking a trip down memory lane to the time when you doodled these guys' names on your notebooks. From TV stars to sexy crooners, we think we've covered them all.

Charli Penn Sep, 22, 2016

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Tell us if we left your crush off of our list.

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The moment we laid eyes on little Stanley on The Cosby Show we knew it was love. By the time late actor Merlin Santana played Romeo on The Steve Harvey Show we were dreaming of being his Juliet.

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Every princess deserved her prince, and in the 90s there was no fresher one around than rapper-turned-actor Mr. Smith. Has he ever stopped being the one?

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They call him U-S-H-E-R-R-A-Y-M-O-N-D...now baby tell me what you want to do with me.

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When Mo fell hard for Quentin (Fredro Starr) on Moesha, so did we, and the moment they got engaged is when all of the wedding planning (in our heads) began. Too bad all good things had to come to an end.

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They were New Edition's standout cuties and when they went solo, hoards of female fans followed.

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Clockers. High School High. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. They were all movies that had one gorgeous commonality: Mekhi Phifer bringing hot chocolate to the big screen.

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We started crushing on cutie pie Epps as Q in Juice then Malik in Higher Learning. To this day, can you even listen to Raphael Saddiq's "All I Ask Of You" without daydreaming of Mr. Epps?

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Ricky!!!!!!!! Losing you in Boyz N The Hood nearly broke us, but thankfully we've only gotten more of you over the years.

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We only have four words to say on this one: Jason's Lyric sex scene.

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If you saw his breakout role in 1998's How Stella Got Her Groove Back, you didn't need to see another thing to be know that he was the definition of hot chocolate.

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Dwayne Wayne was our onscreen freshman college crush, but sadly he belonged to Ms. Gilbert.

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Back in the 80s and early 90s, Al was new jack swinging into our hearts.

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Theo Huxtable was the good on paper guy of our dreams on The Cosby Show.

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The ladies have always loved cool James, and that all began in the 80s.

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Moesha fans had their eye on Brandy's little brother too. Raise your hand if back in the day you had a crush on "D-money".

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If singer and actor "J-Weav" was your 90s crush magnet, know this, you were not alone.

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Way back in the day, annoying little Roger on Sister, Sister made you look again when he became part of hit R&B group Immature.

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As the lead singer of NSYNC, the pop star with serious soul sung his way right into our hearts at an early age.

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The little girl inside you is blushing right now - admit it. From Moonwalker to Sandlot to Moesha, Brian Quentin Adams was our (little) man.

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Sorry, Zack, most of us were on team Slater, and we're not ashamed. #SavedBytheBell

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Teenage hearthrob Jett Jackson had it going on in the 90s and we dare you say otherwise. Sadly, actor Lee Thompson Young passed away in 2013, but he'll always have a special place in our hearts.

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If there wasn't a Tevin Campbell poster on your wall in the 90s, you didn't own a TV or a radio.

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Zack Taylor, AKA The original "Black Power Ranger" was exactly the after school fix we needed back when boy crushes were a big, big deal.

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Remember when you had your eye on this new kid on the block?

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Steve Urkel never had swag or game, but his alter ego Stefan Urquelle sure got our attention.

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When girl met boy (Shawn) on 90s TV sitcom Boy Meets world, the moment was filled with all of the stars, fireworks and giggles young crushes were made of.

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Moesha held it down when it came to 90s teen eye candy. Hey, Hakeem!

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