The 15 Most Unforgettable Lyrics From Beyonce’s 'Lemonade'

Beyonce’s sixth studio album “Lemonade” has quickly become a fan-favorite since it’s release and a big part of what has us all unable to take it off of repeat are the raw, unfiltered lyrics. From THAT one lyric in “Sorry” that sent the BeyHive into attack mode to her thoughts on matrimony, there’s definitely no shortage of quotables from Mrs. Carter.

Rachaell Davis Apr, 27, 2016

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"I’m praying I catch you whispering, I’m praying you catch me listening” 
Anyone who has ever reached a point in their relationship where you suspect your partner is hiding something knows exactly where Bey is coming from with this line in Lemonade’s opening track “Pray You Catch Me.” Hoping to catch your partner saying something to confirm your suspicions OR hoping that they catch you digging for dirt are both common feelings for someone who just wants the issue out in the open so they can hash it out and move forward… or not!

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“How did it come down to this? Scrollin through yo call list. I don’t wanna lose my pride, but I’mma f*** me up a b****” 
Ladies, as so many of us have found out the hard way, scrolling through your man’s call list to find almost never turns out the way you’d hoped and can even end in a confrontation. But then again, if you’ve gotten to the point of checking the phone, there’s also a good chance you’re ready for whatever…much like Bey sounds in these lyrics from “Hold Up.”

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“This is your final warning, you know I give you life. If you try this shit again, you gone lose your wife.” 
A lyrical warning shot heard around the world, Bey is playing no games on this track!

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“This is your final warning, you know I give you life. If you try this shit again, you gone lose your wife.” 
A lyrical warning shot heard around the world, Bey is playing no games on this track!

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“Big Homie better grow up.”
Many of Jay Z’s peers and fellow artists have referred to him as “Big Homie” in music, interviews and general conversation so it raised more than a few eyebrows when Mrs. Carter used the phrase in these lyrics from “Sorry.”

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“Looking at my watch, he shoulda been home. Today I regret the night I put that ring on.” 
Again capturing the sentiment of women everywhere who have reached the point of being fed up with their man’s dishonest behavior, these lyrics from “Sorry” hit the nail on the head.

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“He better call Becky with the good hair.”
While most of us just assumed “Becky” was in general reference to a white woman, this now-infamous one-liner sent the BeyHive detectives on a ruthless mission to find the actual culprit….but did they?

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“She grinds day and night. She grinds from Monday to Friday, work from Friday to Sunday. She gon’ slay, she too smart to crave material things. She pushin’ herself day and night.” 
Beyonce’s music have consistently carried a theme of female empowerment and these lyrics are just one of many examples of that much-needed message on this album.

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“Good Job, Bey!” – Blue Ivy 
If you skipped to the next song without listening to “Daddy Lessons” all the way through, then there’s a strong chance you missed this adorable vocal cameo from little miss Blue Ivy.

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“9 times outta 10, I’m in my feelings, but 10 times outta 9 I’m only human. I don’t care about the lights or the beams, put my life in the dark for the sake of you and me.”
The debate over which Lemonade lyrics are from Beyonce’s personal experiences and which ones aren’t will likely be never ending, but there are a few that make it nearly impossible to think she’s talking about anyone other than herself. Given the notoriously private nature of her relationship, these words from “Love Drought” sound pretty personal, right?

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“Show me your scars and I won’t walk away. And I know I promised that I couldn’t stay; every promise don’t work out that way” 
So many times in relationships, we just want the our partner to show us that they’ve fought just as hard as we have to get through a rough patch. Once that feeling is validated, there’s a strong chance that we’ll stay and do our part to work it out.

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“I break chains all by myself, won’t let my freedom rot in hell. I’mma keep running cause a winner don’t quit on themselves.” Lemonade is full of empowering lyrics that encourage anyone listening to push forward through their struggle and these lines from “Freedom”  embody that very message.

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“Boy nothing real can be threatened. True love breathed salvation back into me. With every tear came redemption. And my torturer became my remedy.” 
The feeling of being able to work through a situation that you believed previously threatened the future of a relationship you didn’t want to lose is like none other.  In addition to the overwhelming feeling of relief, resolving a looming issue can also restore your faith in true love.

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“Always stay gracious, best revenge is yo paper.” 
Not only has Beyonce has been able to dodge most of the speculation that’s continuously followed her throughout the course of her career; she’s done it with class.

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“I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it” 
Beyonce has one of the most tireless work ethics in the entertainment industry today and she’s built her empire by staying the course while empowering other women to do the same.